Ebb and flow

- Silas

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Jaketta knew it was risky going out when the sky was so dark, she would let nothing stand in her way. Some falling water wouldn't stop her from learning everything she could about Salsola. Several showers had already fallen, leaving her clothes soaked to her fur and her hair dripping in stagnant locks on her shoulders.

The sun was peaking through the previously thick clouds now, giving hope that the rain had stopped. So, she continued to venture onward into the marsh. The land was fiercely boring, with low rolling hills and scarce foliage. With the heavy rains, there were deep puddles and thick mud scattered about. Her steps were careful to assure she didn't be consumed by the muddy jaws of the marsh. It didn't matter how far she went, there wasn't much to this land. Still, she continued until she felt a force begin to reel her back. It could be nothing other than her divine power warning her to return home.

With a deep sigh, Jaketta turned and began making her way back. Just as she did so, the gap in the sky closed in and the rain began to fall harder than it had before. The crack of lightning and the roar of thunder was a direct command to get home, and so the fire tinged deity picked up her speed. She was lucky she was almost to back to the safety of the forest, or she may have become a meal for the vicious mud piles that plagued the land. When she reached the edge of the marsh, a shrilling bellow drew her attention backwards and twisted a knot in her gut. Jaketta spun around to see a young deer trapped in a mud pile she'd passed on her way back.

Her heart sank hearing the animal's pathetic cry and she found herself drawn to rescue it. With a goddess's intuition that must have been the right thing to do. Soon, Jaketta found herself knelt at the deer's side as it thrashed desperately to try and escape the earthen trap. Oh. Her hands grasped the deer's head and began to tug with everything she had, but the young animal was working against her despite her intentions and only sank further into the mud. It was then that she realized, that maybe she was not meant to save this animal, but rather to take it as an offering. Bringing it back would reflect well on her. She was meant to succeed. Her mismatched eyes flickered away as she thought and a grin spread across her dark lips. The youth let her hands slide slowly off and placed them in her lap gracefully as the deer continued to struggle, only getting closer to it's inevitable demise. She would gain acceptance by all.

I'm sorry, but your life will not be wasted. I promise. This was meant to happen. In death, you will find purpose. Jaketta was calm, despite the internal struggle taking place. Her heart hurt for the fawn, who's mother was probably somewhere close by worried she may not return. She could save her, but what good would that do for anyone but the deer? It was selfish for Jaketta to let the fawn live. Most certainly.
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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

OOC: Silas is in lupus form atm. +500 words.

Silas had grown used to the rain. It was hard not to when the summer heat brought the water down from the sky. So long as he was careful about how much time he was spending in the rain, there shouldn't have been a problem. He could recall one time back in Rabenuhr... his master had come back from a trading trip without him, a slight injury gracing his body. When the slave had made his own act to take care of it in the only way he knew how, his master sent him to sit outside, even as the rain fell down upon his body until he was instructed to come back inside; and like the obedient dog that he was, he sat there until he was called again.

The wolf stalked along on all fours. His weapons were meant for combat, and it was not likely that his new masters would hand them over to him if that need had not presented itself. It was fine anyways. He had done well enough in his more natural form when it came to hunting.

Prey would be harder to track in a storm like this, plus the extensive territory that Salsola claimed could make he entire thing very dangerous. It would be smarter to wait out in the clearing, see if someone would show up before he tried something more complex. Body lowered down into the grass, raindrops dripping along his soaked fur. He was patient, golden orbs scanning over the horizon as he waited. His persistence had been rewarded in the end, a small fawn and it's mother walked out among the grass, unaware they were being watched. He stalked closer, careful as his paws met with the wet dirt beneath him. As he neared closer, the mother seemed distracted by something, the fawn just following along with her.

Then... when the distance was just right... he jumped.

Silas pounced forward, muscular body pushing him towards the fawn, the both of them bolting once he had made his move. Paws carried him across the clearing, golden gaze focused on the smaller of the two. Separating the mother from her child was not a hard task to carry out, but taking it down would take the right attack. Body trailed along side the animal, jaws open as he leapt towards the animal's neck, teeth sinking in.

The mother was gone, and it's child was fighting for whatever life was still in it.

Time passed, it's life faded, and the wolf had his catch.

Lowering himself back down onto the ground, the servant pulled the carcass along his back, moving carefully as he made his way back to the heart of Salsola. In his travel, he paused, the sound of a woman's voice in the distance. Her words were... strange. Changing his direction, Silas made his way towards the voice, a black and red woman there watching another fawn that had gotten itself stuck in the mud. She was there... watching it die.

Silently, the lupus servant moved along to her side, eyes watching the same scene she was. What did she find in all of this? Why not end it's life rather than watch it suffer? The idea was quickly removed from his mind as he took in not only his life, but the lives of any other servant, into consideration.

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