Finally Showing Off the Invention


POSTED: Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:10 pm

(Ooc: The shy coward has finally decided to demonstrate his wondrous invention to his pack, how? Find out here.)

Sineria made his way into Winterwynd knowing the many previous human structures that still stand there today, and the abundance of mistwalkers that lived there. Sineria looked around to one of the many buildings, but mainly one that collapsed in on itself, and was uninhabitable to a considerable degree. He gulped barely able to believe that he was going to do what he was about to do, but he’s been practicing with his throwing arm some and he’s positive that he was able to do this. The only true enemies here were his fear of heights, and his usual low self-esteem.

He inspected the exterior of the building and saw a part of it where the roof caved in, and exposed a few prime points for his hook to latch onto, about two stories above him from where he stood. "Th-That seems about right." he muttered to himself as he gripped the hooked end of his grappling hook, and took a deep breath as he prepared to throw it over the obstacle. He closed his and tried to shut out the world the best he could as he brought his arm back. He then opened them as he brought his arm forward, and watched the hook fly through the air and just barely over the wall and into the collapsed building.

Excited, Sineria pulled back until his line to the hook was firmly secured on the point. Sineria felt a bit of confidence surge through him as he was half-worried he would accidentally hurt someone in the process of throwing the hook. But now his real test began, so he gripped his line as tightly as he could and started to climb up towards the point.

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OOC: Hope you don't mind a gentle creepy schizo lol


Catching butterflies was that day's rapture, but something new, brighter than the colours of butterfly wings for the time being. It had him stop later on, further in with little things fluttering and lightly ringing inside mould-stained glass. He stopped to watch a white wolf do something strange, stranger than the rainbow that had been in the sky that day, or the jars he had tucked in his arms he thought.

He set the jars down, and briefly admired his tiny prisoners before seeing the arctic creature begin his ascent like some grand mountain climber approaching an epic. The strange mark on his ear made Mystery blink blink blink again, because it wasn't real, but it was and when it was he made a face. “I l-like y-your ear,” he said, but quiet enough so he wouldn't hear. The spotted hybrid just wanted to watch for as long as possible while still unseen, just another droplet of dew, or a presence light and airy as the wind might be on a not hot day. He just wanted to watch so much, and not have to look into another's eyes again, or speak to him because conversation could warp and bounce. It could consume or spit him out and he didn't like being chewed not at all.

Mystery sat down on a mossy stone, the lingering band of colour hanging in the washed out sky, behind the white boy and the weird display he was putting on. He felt the breeze tug on the lilac in his hair and his heart swam in circles, then the tug stopped and his world calmed. ‘What is it doing’ Mystery didn't know, and he really didn't know much. Just that he was a boy today with butterflies and a sweet smelling flower resting gently in his fur. Come to me, it said to the pretty little things that floated about, come to me please. Step into my clear cages.
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