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Guillen and Mads

POSTED: Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:57 pm

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The siren calls you to run with the wolf
Word Count → 400+ :: Moon is in Optime, Keylo is in Optime by end of this post. Dated Aug 4

It was stifling hot inside Guillen's little house. That particular August day had been a boiling hot Summer day, and the cramped conditions in Guillens' house combined with the nonexistent breeze left the home burning that night. Moon lay in Guillen's room, sprawled out on her back and panting. She had been unable to successfully cool herself down. The pains had started earlier that evening, and the pain coupled with the heat left her grouchy and mean. The scent of pending birth rolled off her body, made stronger by the fluids that now secreted from her. None of the men in the house could miss the fact that the time had come. She probably shouldn't move, but the stifling room was torture, so she took advantage of the break between contractions to stagger outside in search of a breeze.

Keylo ran up to her side to hold her arm as she stepped outside, bracing her against himself now that there was no wall to catch herself on. Moon only wanted to go a few steps until she was under the stars, and there her father helped her to the ground where she laid on her back, grunting through the pain and staring at the stars, swathed in the light of the half-moon. It was some time past midnight, the day had rolled from the 3rd to the 4th, the pups would be born in the early morning hours.

Keylo padded some ways away and lay on his belly in the shadows, facing away from his daughter. He did not need to see what was to come, but he would not leave, either. He would lie there and be her protector. Likely, the other men would do the same. But largely the expectation was that Moon had done this before and that from that experience, and instinct, she would know what to do...

So Keylo found it strange when he peered over at her some time later to see her still panting, and lying on her back like that. Moony, you okay girl? he asked, but she did not respond. She was panting the way a wolf would if they'd run five miles in the noonday heat, rather than lying on her back outside at night. Keylo knew puppies would work up a mother's system, but something didn't seem right. It pricked his senses.

Guillen! Keylo called, leaping to all fours and nosing back into the house. Hey, Guillen, can you check on Moon? I'm not sure she's doing so good. He searched the house for the orange healer, and then once his message was delivered he slipped back outside, taking just a moment to shift to Optime in case he needed to help. He knelt on the ground next to her and felt her chest, and his face contorted with worry. Her heart was pounding, there was a froth on her tongue, and she wasn't answering because she couldn't bear to stop panting.

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off the deep end

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It had been early evening when it began. The boys had been the first to excuse themselves (much as Mads himself had when his younger siblings arrived), slipping outside with a quiet, 'We're, uh, gonna go check on the animals...' The dark hybrid had intended to remain in the building throughout the entire process but as the evening grew and the night began to fall, Moon became more and more put out by the process and he thought it best to leave and afford her some space.

The Dane didn't put a large distance between himself and the building like he was apt to do. Instead, he chose to follow the boys' example and channel his efforts into something more productive. Although, as boys' were prone to do, neither Lazarus nor Braith were found anywhere near the animals when Mads entered the overgrown park he set them to graze in. 'Though' y' were gonna check on th' animals...' The wolfdog goaded humorously, flopping down on the broken seesaw opposite the rusted jungle gym which they were clambering on.

'Uh, yeah. Laz mumbled, 'We were...' He didn't have time to finish, for Braith decided to do it for him.

'That ram's a mean one, wouldn't let us get close...' came his apologetic explanation.

Mads simply rolled his shoulders and lit a joint, 'Yeah, he's a dickhead...' he agreed. A few minutes of contemplative silence passed before the Dane spoke up again, 'What y' think they're gonna be then?' he asked, but almost immediately after, Keylo's voice rang out.

True, he was calling of the shady healer, but the fight in his voice made all three males snap their attention to the dimly light building across the square. 'Lort!' Mads swore, launching himself off of his seat and stumbling away over the uncut grass. He was immediately greeted by a scary sight, to which his panicked response was direct to Keylo. 'Wha's wrong? Wha' can ah do?'
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