Beside the still embers of early morning yarrow

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Open for one. c: Character/NPC coming in next post. Generator idea: It's dawn near a strange cabin in the woods, and it's nice outside. Your character smells something disgusting. | Character generator idea: A female hybrid apothecary with a scrawny appearance who is good at mimicry. She has a mole companion that she finds a little annoying sometimes.

Traveling so soon after she had been cut into by her mate had probably not been the best choice or plan of action. It had been a few days since Calla had undertaken the Cotona ritual once again in order to prove herself to her pack. Ondine had been no where in sight and she hadn't really wanted to even try finding Isabella or Neith to talk about her route to healing. No, Calla had always been eager to learn the little things she couldn't do herself and for the most part, her knowledge of herbs paid off. Before leaving, she had packed her wound with chewed, wild plantain taken from the thick forest line beyond one of her small gardens and the tower that Helena, the children and herself used as a home.

She hadn't wanted to stay there with the new boy toy Helena had brought home, partially because Helena had been entirely focused on him since she had brought him through the doors, also because it seemed there was more to the routine than typical slave breaking that she had witnessed from her brother during his time in Salsola proper. Etiquette was everything, right? So, she'd gotten out. The only difference was that within the last few hours of her journey, her gauze and poultice packed wound had started to burn from the exertion, she imagined.

It was hard to see where one was going in the middle of the night but the sun had started to rise only a short moment ago, giving rise to orange that filled the sky and illuminated the earth before her. In the distance, she thought she saw the foundations of a building through the thick of trees and bramble. It didn't take long for her to learn that her sight had not proven her wrong. Before her, only a hundred or so feet away, an old log cabin rested at the edges of the woods, closest to the backdrop of an old cliff, partially, if she looked at it right, built into the hillside rather than outside. Smoke bubbled from its side, a chimney fashioned of clay and stone pumping the harsh gray cloud into the sky beyond.

Where she thought she might smell breakfast, being that it was dawn, she only smelled the stench of dried herbs and possibly the concoctions of someone who worked with them on a daily basis.

The foundation for that thought came with the plants growing about the building, the lines that had been wrapped around it's 'porch' that held plants tied here and there so that they could dry evenly in the sun. "Excuse me," she murmured, announcing her presence. "Anyone home?"

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