Somewhere in this foggy little world of ours

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Set somewhere vague. It's really foggy and Calla's noticed a looming tree in the distance that seems like a good focal point for her and her donkey/all the stuff she's stolen, to rest.

She could hardly see ten feet in front of her, the heavy mist of a fog wrapping around her like a thick blanket. It felt cool against her fur, but also muggy at the same time. Above her, the sun was high in the sky but even that wasn't really a beacon for the fox-like woman who strode through it with everything she had out here in this big old world that was the outside of Salsola. It didn't matter that she was someone else out here, or that she was of high rank at home but she rather enjoyed the anonymity that silence brought when it wasn't controlled by those around her.

She wondered what things would have been like as a loner, if her brother had left her alone where she had been, if she had wandered off shortly thereafter with the intention of making it on her own as she had told herself she could have so many times before.

Beneath her, the donkey she rode reared back as the two almost walked directly into a tree and she brought it to a stop with a heavy handed tug of the ropes she had used as a girdle to hold onto it for as long as she could.

It had felt like a shame, robbing an old woman literally blind. Of course, Sheri had had it coming to her, trying to get Calla high off of one of her teas. Calla had noticed the taste right away, though it had already been too late by the time she'd drank some to turn back. While it felt good, tasting the fruit's of one's addictions, she hadn't enjoyed what came after. The high had been fast and the woman's own potion had worked miracles on what kept Calla so bound up. When she had come down, the stranger who had joined them was gone and only the old woman and herself remained. It hadn't taken much longer after that for Calla to make her move.

With her new donkey in tow, several bags upon it's back filled with trinkets she had excavated from the old woman's lean-to, Calla was doing quite well for herself on a trip that was meant to simply get her out of Salsola for a few days to avoid going back and listening about Helena's new slave. She had gotten down from the beast only a few moments before. In the distance, above the cloudy fog, she could see the branches of an old tree, as dark as night, something she supposed was the bark and time of day. Regardless, she began heading in its direction.

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