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A knight is sworn to valour.
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The blanket of night was upon Casa, but despite the winking of the stars in the sky the air was still warm and humid. Early August had decided to hit them with some of the warmer weather of the summer, and made for sticky nights and unbearable days. Howland had been planning to construct a canopy over his guard post at the Fort gates because the beating sun was often unbearable, he just needed to clear it with Luca.

Luckily for the guard, his responsibilities on this day did not land him at the Fort gates in the sweltering heat. On this rotation, his job was to patrol the borders of Casa, and thankfully he had the night shift. There was a marked space he would trek on foot, a few miles distance, stop, turn, go back. It would be like this for eight to ten hours, and he was fine with that. Many would bemoan so much watching on one shift, but after the long days standing sedentary at the gates, this was a welcome reprieve.

All had been quiet this evening, save for the angry buzzing of grass insects. Once, he had the pleasure of witnessing a nocturnal sky-hunter (an owl) swoop out of the night and clasp an unwitting prey in its talons, and soar off again. He envied these hunters and their ability to fly. A small smile crept upon his boxy muzzle at the thought. If Luperci could fly...

Speaking of hunting, it was well past time to eat. He had a pouch of goat cheese (which he made himself), a flask of water, some break and fish jerky. There was no need to stop to eat, especially as he did not need the warm comforts of a fire, so he simply pulled out the wrapped cloth and picked the items one-by-one. True to his doggish nature, he swallowed them after very few bites, barely tasting them at all but still thinking they were good. The way he ate often made him dyspeptic, and he'd been told to slow down on more than one occasion, but he was a dog after all, and there was no reason to waste valuable time on stretching out a meal...

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