Life can be beautiful

POSTED: Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:55 pm

Yet now I'm standing here, my heart so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

Faith's eyes stared forward, staff resting against her robe covered body as she sat in the cave. Her mind was a buzzing noise, unable to focus on any one thing. So much conflict was going on within her mind. After all the time she had spent living... raising her family with her mother after Basilio had left them, he appeared before her. He came only now after their mother had been murdered... after Inferni was broken apart... after she had already spiraled downwards.

Dahlia had started taking charge... in much the same way she had when Crucifix had turned out the same. It didn't help that her strained beliefs were being caught on by her father's ghost. He probably didn't trust her because of who she was.

But there was another problem... the conflict of loyalty and morals. Coaxoch had offered to take her home, to take her and her sisters home to Salsola. When he had first given her the offer, it was shortly after her mother and Izual's demise. They were alone, and she was gripped by guilt.

But even then, Inferni was still a whole clan. What were they now? There were still some members left of the clan living within the cave system... but did that really mean anything? Could this small group even still be considered Inferni? Was she really still safe here? Anyone could wander into what was their territory and clearly didn't have any reserves in shooting the members that were still living here. Why should they have any respect for a pack that didn't exist anymore?

Should she leave those she had spent her whole life with to live with him? Izual was still gone... and now this pack was still the only threat left in the world.

Ears pulled back, eyes closing. Nothing was making all the chaos stop. The robed woman stood up, feet carrying her outside of the cave system and into the bright afternoon. One arm moved up to block out the sun momentarily before she made her way down the small path. Her sisters were no where to be seen. That guilt started to come back. What if something happened to one of them? She should be there with them.

No doubt Dahlia would be the one telling her not to worry. They were going to be fine. If only she could regain the confidence she once had.

Faith padded over to a group of wildflowers, one that was growing closer towards the caves. She slowly lowered herself down to the ground, sitting in front of them. One hand moved out, fingertips gracing along the petals. Her head lowered again, missing her mother just that much more. She would have loved to see the flowers that were coming into bloom.

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