And the gates open, if just for a peek

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Her gate was graceful and quick, as she glided down the stone staircase to the ground floor of the tower. Her lesson was completed for today and she was free to go about her own personal business, never without Elphaba's voice in the back of her mind. The teachings were repeated by thought, all day until her head hit her bed and sleep was granted. Sometimes, she dreamt about them and woke up to her own voice, playing back something of importance. It didn't bother her.

Jaketta was lucky, however, to have gotten off easy today. She had an engagement of great importance.

She remained postured and poised until the moment she exited the tower and the fresh air hit her. The summer breeze rushed through her long, straight, black and red locks. Once she was free from the building, she sped up into a sprint and made her way to her mother's residence. She promised her a lesson of her own today, or rather, a ritual. Today, she'd find out more about the goddess she'd been re-birthed as.

This was an opportunity to become more in touch with her celestial routes. Excitement overwhelmed the growing girl as she came upon her mother's home. She gave a quick knock before entering without word. Mother! I'm done for today, we can start. She hurried around the room, grabbing some materials she thought her mother would need for the ritual. She may have been getting ahead of herself, but this was of the most importance to her.

The sun was beginning to fall, casting warm glow through one of the old windows of the old building. Soon, the moon would rise and the stars would begin to fall as they had been every night. There could be no better time for this ritual.
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Word Count → 300+ :: If it fits your post, feel free to jump them forward to the arrival at wherever it is Jak wants to go.

A tawny ear twitched at the sound of knuckles rapping on wood which preceded her daughter’s entry into her temporary home – a home which was little more than a shed, barely strong enough to withstand the elements. It was a husk of a building and better suited to tools than to a living, breathing, intelligent Luperci like herself – but the bare nature of the shed bothered her not, for she would not be living in it for long. It was merely a place to put her meager belongings until she earned enough status to find herself a home in the Ruins. She had already looked through the empty places there, and had her eye on a particular tower…

Time would bring her that tower. For now, her focus needed to be on her daughter.

The witch turned when her daughter entered the dreary shack. Despite the state of the place, it was made pleasant inside by the soothing aroma of the herbs that she kept. Jak, good, she said as she coasted over to her daughter – a movement which only took a few steps in the close space – and gave her a welcoming nose-bump on the cheek. Right on time.

Since her birth, Maelyx knew there was something different… something special… about her daughter. Some, not knowing what else to call it, would say she was an old soul. Maelyx knew that was not entirely wrong, but that there was even more to it than that. Tonight we shall discover more about who you are, and who you have always been. We will learn about the soul that dwells inside of you. She gave her child a smile that spoke of love and of pride. But we cannot do it here. This is far too stuffy an environment. Tell me, daughter, what does your soul say? She placed a hand on her shoulder. What kind of place feels right? What place speaks to your soul? Should they go to the forest, the sea? Would her soul sing in the plains, or in a space of ritual like Stone Ship? The very answer to this would even be evidence to the truths they hoped to uncover. Cupping her daughter’s face, Maelyx awaited her reply.

The moon lights her way while she's howling at him.

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