And the gates open, if just for a peek

- Maelyx

POSTED: Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:13 pm

Her gate was graceful and quick, as she glided down the stone staircase to the ground floor of the tower. Her lesson was completed for today and she was free to go about her own personal business, never without Elphaba's voice in the back of her mind. The teachings were repeated by thought, all day until her head hit her bed and sleep was granted. Sometimes, she dreamt about them and woke up to her own voice, playing back something of importance. It didn't bother her.

Jaketta was lucky, however, to have gotten off easy today. She had an engagement of great importance.

She remained postured and poised until the moment she exited the tower and the fresh air hit her. The summer breeze rushed through her long, straight, black and red locks. Once she was free from the building, she sped up into a sprint and made her way to her mother's residence. She promised her a lesson of her own today, or rather, a ritual. Today, she'd find out more about the goddess she'd been re-birthed as.

This was an opportunity to become more in touch with her celestial routes. Excitement overwhelmed the growing girl as she came upon her mother's home. She gave a quick knock before entering without word. Mother! I'm done for today, we can start. She hurried around the room, grabbing some materials she thought her mother would need for the ritual. She may have been getting ahead of herself, but this was of the most importance to her.

The sun was beginning to fall, casting warm glow through one of the old windows of the old building. Soon, the moon would rise and the stars would begin to fall as they had been every night. There could be no better time for this ritual.
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