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Word Count → 200+ :: ooc This was spurred on by the thread prompt generator. Mercy is thinking of starting an unofficial club now, to unite the youngsters against the boring old knights. Everyone is welcome, but especially one or two younger ones.Prompt: It's night, and it's warm and overcast. Your character has stumbled across an enormous boulder resembling a mythical creature.

She was taking a stroll and smoking a cigarette at dusk when she saw it... the giant lizard. It had talons, and wings and all, and was perched at the side of a rocky outcropping. In the dark halflight of the moon, Mercy first thought it was a monster coming after her, and it made her double-take and jump. But no hulking creature chased her down; it didn't even move, and she relaxed.

What the? she muttered to herself as she cautiously walked toward the dragon-shaped shadow, expecting it to animate at any minute and gobble her up. It didn't, though, because it was made of stone.

There wasn't enough light to get a good look at it, so Mercy made quick work of gathering some sticks and wrapping dry rushes around them – a tiny makeshift torch – and lit them with her flint. The tiny torch sparked to life and she held it up. When the light bounced off of the rocks, she could see they were nothing more than stone, but they made a fascinating shape. She realized at once that this could make a good meeting place for her young friends that she liked to think of as her little disciples. Dragon Rock.

Mercy rubbed her chin, ruminating on the idea of a club for misfits... She would essentially have to convince the other yearlings that they were misfits, but it could work. What would the Knights do if they had a secret society living amongst them? Well, nothing, if they didn't find out.

Well this time I'm not going to watch myself die.

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OOC :: I can't resist. You're the worst. <3
Words→ 357

The morning’s argument left a bitter taste in Nayavota's mouth, but she’d finally relented. She would stay inside the pack lands—or at least near them—until the proverbial storm blew over. Naya loved her freedom, but she loved Mama more. Casa had its secrets, too; she just had to find them. With any luck, she'd stay out of trouble in the process.

Nayavota didn't want to hurt Mama, but the older she got, the harder it seemed not to. She was the youngest, the smallest, and the most broken. Her lungs quivered in the heat and her eyes blurred at distant targets. Mama wanted her to be stronger, faster, and smarter before she braved the outside world—Naya just wanted her freedom, first.

Falcon nudged her side and smiled. “She can't stay upset forever,” he said, hoping to reassure the silver girl.

Naya frowned. “Yes she can—she has lots of practice.” Mama's temper was legendary among the Cavaliers. Even the Lune tiptoed around it, or at least tried to; sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

“She won't. You're her daughter, Nayavota Denahlii,” Falcon said, smiling around her full name. It had been a tongue twister at first, but he'd gotten the hang of it.

The silver girl snorted, but didn't say anything. Naya knew Mama wouldn't—no, couldn't—stay mad at her forever, but she still worried. The warrior woman had every right to fear and Naya had every right to prove her wrong. Maybe, one day, Mama would stop underestimating her.

Nayavota opened her mouth to speak, to argue for the sake of it, but distant firelight caught her eye. It bounced off a wall of boulders, casting strange shadows in the approaching gloom. A familiar figure held the torch aloft as she examined the strange formation. “What are you doing?” Naya called out, her tail twitching behind her.

Just because Day was… Showing her attention, it didn't mean Naya’s crush on Mercy had waned. It hadn't gotten worse, but it hadn’t gotten better, either.

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