Sparring goat says baa.

AW - Spar or train?

POSTED: Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:57 pm

OOC Date can be flexible, let me know. AW for one who wants to spar or train... or, do something else that tickles your fancy. Whatever!
Optime | Late Morning | Aug 12 | Fort Kingsbury Training Ring

It was once a rare sight to behold, but now that the goats had been moved to the barn, Howland had been seen with Oda and Gitte more and more often. The two nanny goats roamed out ahead of him, munching on dandelions and weeds as they went. Howland used his pike as an improvised shepherd's hook (obviously, not the bladed part) as they walked, occasionally reaching out with the butt of the staff to guide them one way or the other – but for the most part, it wasn't necessary. The goats loved him, and followed him anywhere. If he changed course while they were up ahead, they would notice and turn and trot after him.

Howland headed into the Fort from the surrounding areas. He had taken the goats out for some exercising and healthy roaming... funny how the two always seemed more energized after they went out than before. But, then again, it followed with his own personal feelings. He felt much better now that his limbs had stretched and the blood was pumping.

Padding brusquely through the gates, he overtook the goats, and as expected they scrambled to catch up to him. It felt like a good day to train; it wasn't as hot as it had been and some of the mugginess had gone down. Without returning the goats to the barn, he went to the training grounds. Oda and Gitte had no interest in the training ring, for no plants grew there because it was so often trampled upon, so they hung back just outside cropping the sprigs of grass and whatever else while Howland began his wam-up paces.

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POSTED: Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:41 am

Sitting about doing nothing did not help with the fact that he could not get his mind off of red fur and green eyes. As if those things hadn't occupied him enough ever since they'd met, they simply could not seem to leave his thoughts as of late.

But he'd moped around the house in his lupus form long enough, grumpily getting up from the pile of furs that he'd stacked in the bedroom to serve as a mattress so he could pad into the main living area. Even this place smelled like him now, as often as he came by to visit, hang out, or even sometimes sleep over for the night. Innocently, of course, as best friends.

The main focus of his attention wouldn't have looked in his direction for those kind of thoughts anyway, as much as it made his heart feel like it were being trampled into the dirt.

Expression slightly deadpan, the large painted black male triggered a shift from his fourlegged lupus to the bipedaled Optime. He had no place to be, so Damon allowed the change to go for as long as it would without any urging it to pass faster.

Eventually he stood from the crouch to stretch his arms above his head and groan, releasing a sigh once he'd dropped his upper limbs to his sides. Deciding it might be best to be active, even if it increased the risk of seeing those green eyes, he strode toward the door whilst reaching out to grasp his long sword in his left hand.

Right outside he stopped to look around as he buckled the sword belt around his waist, on the lookout for anything he could do that would take over the majority of his thoughts. Quickly his gaze settled on the form of Howland in one of the training rings and immediately began to jog over.

He waved to get the guard's attention, sliding a mask in place so the other male would only see his characteristic smile.

"Oi, you getting warmed up? I'm willing to offer myself for a spar, if you'd have me." he patted the pommel of the long sword, his grin widening in camaraderie.

Ruby orbs slid away from the typically stoic male to land upon the two nanny goats that nibbled on the grasses by the outer edge of the ring. "Ah, and we have an audience," he commented, the smile widening to crinkle his eyes slightly. And of course, he knew who they were, but he couldn't help the sudden impulse to tease Howland.

Damon followed the fence until he came around to the two goats, clicking his tongue softly as he approached and holding his hand out for them to snuffle if they so wished. "Who might these little ladies be? Howland, care to introduce me?" he gave one of them a scratching on the neck.

A soft mirth had entered those stark red irises, one that hadn't been there before but now that it had it sparkled and gave more life to his expression.

OOC I was checking the Casa forum and saw this hanging around, thought I'd give Howland some company?Word Count: 522+
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