I was just an only child of the universe, until I met you

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I know the world's a broken bone
But melt your headaches, call it home

A massive shape of a dark and cream male was sitting in a field of flowers outside of the fort, focused on what was in his hands. The male was well-decorated in jewelry which hung around his neck, worn around his wrists, and woven into his thick mane as well as other adornments such as feathers in his mane and a flower crown on his head. It was an hour before noon and the beast sheltered under a tree as his thick fur was unsuited to the Nova Scotia summers and more suited towards the ones far north. He had a satchel next to him and two birds perched on his shoulders as he worked on his project.

Iorek decided that today would be the day that he worked on something new, taking a break from training and deciding to do something that he hadn't done in a while. He had been fairly busy lately and hadn't had much time to explore human ruins to see what he could find, but today he woke up early to visit Halifax and later the town within Casa di Cavalieri's borders until he found some items he could use. The wolfdog also collected some unused items that he had scavenged earlier as well as some rope and leather cord before settling down in the field to start seeing what he could do with what he had.

The oversized hybrid was primarily into jewelry-making, which could often be simple leather cords with pieces of jewelry or other trinkets as pendants. Maybe a small bracelet if he had the right tools. Today, he had managed to find a trader and managed to get trinkets for some beaver pelts and a couple of necklaces. The beast had brought home polished gemstones and beads made of various materials. That along with some scavenged pieces of metal that he had found in a building's basement along with some bones and pieces of scavenged jewelry made his trip very successful. It had been a good day for the giant and he was now trying to figure out what he could do with them.

The hulking hybrid thought of what could be done with all the items he had, which was quite a bit. Sure, he could make more jewelry out of the items - he had already put half of the stuff he had found for that purpose - but what else could he make? He began to think, figuring out what he had seen so far and what he could do. He had sea glass at his disposal as well and a lot could be done with sea glass. Then, the large Luperci had an idea.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier began tying together the leather cord to make something akin to a spider's web that was medium in size. Once it was done, the beast got out the rope and began tying the scavenged trinkets at various points of where the cord intersected. Pieces of sea glass hung at the bottom on longer cords, beads hung at the sides, and any of the other metal pieces or pieces of jewelry were scattered around the metal. In the sunlight, they glinted and the wind caused them to clink together. The scarlet-eyed Lionheart finished the piece and looked back at what he had created.

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