Waiting in the calm before the storm


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Salsola August Thread Prompt wrote:“After the crescent moon goes down, another celestial event becomes apparent. The Perseids Meteor Shower occurs during this month, reaching its most active point the night of August 12 and the morning of August 13. Sounds like a good time for stargazing, or for those more adventurous types, spooky witch activities.”

Optime | Millstone area; night | NPC: Cedar (+335)

She loosely led her horse by his reins through the forest that surrounding much of Millstone. The pair of them had been out on a late patrol started earlier in the late afternoon hour. Kamari had been more and more interested in bonding with her mount in every possible situation she could think of in an attempt to prepare them both for anything that might happen out in a field environment. Riding in the darker hours had had been what they had trained for that evening, and Kamari had been satisfied with both the patrol and the bonding exercise when the task had been completed.

Kamari had taken to walking for the final stretch home, wanting to allow Cedar to enjoy the last stretch of their journey that night without being burdened with her upon his back. The mustang moved in line directly behind his rider, truly having no need for the lead that drooped low with slack between them. They moved along in relative silence, the Shadow choosing pathways that would muffle their movement. Being that Cedar possessed hooves instead of paws though, one could still hear their approach if they listened beyond the other nightly sounds.

When they broke from the wood line, they were basked in the light of the stars up ahead. The Emissary happened to glance up as she moved along, and was forced to stop at the sight she had nearly missed. A blip, a streak of white, had zipped across the night sky. She had never seen anything like it before. Had it been a shooting star? She had only heard of them in stories. Her cornflower blue eyes watched the night sky, searching for another.

Maybe she had been wrong. Maybe it had just been her imagination or her brain telling her that it was in the beginning stages of shutting down. Still, she searched the starry sky in quite wonder. Behind her, Cedar waited patiently for her to finish so that they could move on home.

Kamari Kaiser

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The blood of her sister and brother-in-law were on her hands. Delfina could not muster a bit of energy to care about the violation of blood and family, something hammered into her by the Thistle Kingdom and her mother. It had been battered and slammed and it had been shucked as easily as one removed the husk from corn. It was a beautiful night to walk back to the pack, but she knew that she ought to rush to give more credence.

Whatever goods Janik had been carrying had been tossed into the Bay of Fundy unceremoniously. No reason to linger, either, so the woman had turned toward home. The strangely warm way her skin flushed as she walked made her shudder. The moon watched over her, the love of the Goddess like a drug that filtered through the surface of her body.

Auspicious, she thought, eyes cast to the horizon, following the sea’s edge toward home. Lines shot across the sky and her breath caught the first time she spied it, reveling in the glory of the display. If she had been in less of a positive mood, it would have easily been deciphered as the tears of the Goddess for a faithful daughter’s demise.

Through the trees, home she came. The sound of hooves caught her attention, spine stiffening. Her green eyes caught the sight of a little figure by a horse and her mouth split into a cat’s grin. Little nephews diminutive future wife. What fortune.

She had been meaning to ensnare the young woman into a conversation, especially knowing now that her nephew’s line had been salvaged through his father. That Elphaba intended to sully it once more with a slave’s get, it was far more important to see if the taint of slavery was truly present.

Through the darkness she moved, gliding like a phantom, smelling of river water and something spicy and sharp, her preferred floral oil.

The Goddess cries, such a propitious sign. Isn’t it, little niece? she said through the darkness, her voice like the honeyed tones of a cryptid snake.

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