Lakeside Respite

POSTED: Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:33 pm

OOC: Takes place around Grand Lake near the Sawmill around mid-afternoon on 08/31/18. Her brother Fell is mute. And Kova's little ermine is hidden under her hair. WC: 389

IC: The sun shone brightly in the sky by the time Koveiah and her brother Fell arrived on the northern banks of the glimmering blue lake. The cool breeze rushing off the water was welcome on the warm late summer day. On the air the scent of the upcoming Autumn was tangible and the two canids were glad they'd arrived in these new lands when they had. It would have made their trek a lot more arduous if they'd come in Fall or gods forbid, Winter. Settling down in the shade beneath one of the few somewhat grown trees near the water's edge nearby a rundown old human building to share in a small meal, the siblings enjoyed the afternoon watching a few fish jumping out in the deeper parts of the lake and some fishing birds attempting to catch them. Where they'd come from there weren't many opportunities for fishing. Not on freshly openly moving water like this. Snow and ice were obstacles to any fishing and their pack were more suited for hunting caribou and other game on land. But Koveiah was feeling a little adventurous this day. After all, this entire journey WAS all about new experiences, right?

"I'm going to check that old shack over there for anything I can use to catch a fish. You going to come with?" She asked her brother who was tearing the last few shreds of dried meat from his portion of left over game that he'd kept preserved in his gear. The dark male shook his head, knowing his sister would be able to call for him should she run into any trouble. Kova rolled her eyes in slight disappointment. "Fine." She sighed and left her packs, bow, quiver and arrows with him as she unsheathed her knife and headed toward the old sawmill. The remaining standing building was partly collapsed, but she could see that some machinery still stood inside and maybe more treasures could be found within the ruins. Cautiously, the girl slowed her strides as she approached, scenting the air for any danger. She really didn't need any trouble right now. Not today, not any time in the near future really. She just wanted to try and catch some fish and restock their food stores in their packs. That wasn't too much to ask was it?

POSTED: Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:49 pm

It was a risk, bedding down in an old building that stood out amid the ruin of a once-forest. It was a risk coming this far east toward the isthmus in the first place -- knowing that his captors lived just on the other side of the water. But Silas was a tired man, and his exhaustion had finally compelled him to enter the old sawmill. It would provide some cover, perhaps a meal if he caught one of the rats scurrying over the old machines.

He did manage to catch a few hours of sleep, but this was broken when he caught the telltale scent of another. Even in his sleep, he recognized it; his forest-green eyes snapped open, and he slowly rolled over so he could wrap his fingers around the hilt of his shoddy sword. He carefully got his legs under him, using the old hide (both a tent cover and bedding depending on what he needed) for purchase.

The wood around him creaked with his movement. The loner grit his teeth and looked out from the shadows, his fingers opening and closing on the sword handle. Maybe the stranger wouldn't notice him -- but if she was intent on exploring, it was only a matter of time.

"Who goes?" Silas asked, his voice calm and barely above a whisper.

POSTED: Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:25 pm

OOC: Yaaaay! A Raze! <3 WC:302

IC: It was about the time that her nose picked up the unfamiliar scent of another that a soft voice called out in the dimly lit run-down shack, alerting Koveiah to his present location, not just his existence within the building. "Who goes?" the voice asked and Kova froze in place, knife at the ready. A couple of breaths passed an no other sound could be heard in the direction the male's voice came from. So, the woman narrowed her eyes into the darkness trying to pick out his form against the shadows of the old machines and broken beams from the roof. "Just a traveller seeking means for a meal..." She replied rather vaguely, not wishing to give away too much about herself until she could determine if her company was friend or foe. Under her hair, Opal stirred, she too sensing they were not alone anymore. "How about you, oh shadow dweller? Care to step forward so I can see you better?" she inquired, still cautious, but inviting her company out into the open so they could maybe introduce themselves to one another properly, not over and around the dusty human artifacts.

Outside, Fell stretched out by the lake side, unaware of his sister having encountered another Luperci. He assumed that until she cried for help or otherwise, that she was capable of handling herself. Watching a few more birds wheel in the sky and then dive for the lapping waters after some kind of fish, he sighed, his stomach giving a low rumble of hunger. He hoped the two of them would get lucky and catch a fish or two. Dried deer meat was starting to grow old off the menu, but, if they fell short on their luck, at least it would get them through another week or so.

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