[NEWS] Spotlights for September

POSTED: Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:55 am

Spotlights for September 2018

Spotlight Soul

Our Spotlight Soul is Saga D'Angelo (Vida)! Saga has been a driving force within Mistfell Vale since its inception, proving her worth by taking on co-ranks (and regularly improving upon them) and working hard to climb the prestigious Drakehund ranks as well. Saga's worth in the pack has certainly been noticed by her leaders too, who have recently promoted her into the council ranks! Way to go, Saga!

Community Soul

Jace is this month's Community Soul! Jace has always demonstrated overwhelming support and compassion to her fellow 'Soulsters, even when dealing with rough situations herself. She is often in the 'Souls Discord offering encouragement, advice, and sometimes simply an ear to listen. We feel she deserves recognition as Community Soul! Keep being awesome, Jace!

Soldier of Love

It was a close race, but this month's Soldier of Love is Ketsuki! Raze is providing this month's sketch avatar prize, so please PM her with your request. :)

Remember, it just takes a couple minutes to vote for 'Souls -- and you can get some cute art out of it! The artist is always a surprise! ;)

'Souls Assemblage
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage