High Noon


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When he was younger, Arlen rarely ventured out of his territory on four legs. Now it was difficult to get him out of it. With his leg still not fully healed- maybe it never would - it was just so much safer to stay in a form that allowed him more speed and movement. Once they arrived at their destination, he would shift back to a form more suitable for their mission. At present moment though, it was far more beneficial to stay as he was.

Behind him, Minnie guided the ewes. Occasionally, he glanced back fondly at the girl. He'd not been too involved with her, but her reputation preceded her. Odd, quiet, but kind. Arlen felt as if they would get along splendidly if they spent more time together. Arlen generally felt that about most people though. And he was usually right.

"Are you doing alright back there?" She seemed to be handling herself well, but it never hurt to check. His sister Teagan had done good work with her apprentice. Minerva was holding herself well. "We should be there soon and then I can help you with them."

A simple trading mission, Len was determined to get them to Halifax before high noon. That was when the best trade deals started and he was certain that two healthy ewes would fetch a good amount of items. He just hoped that no one would laugh at him for the still-present brown patches in his fur that stubbornly refused to fade or fall out.

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What she had done to Teagan…was both nightmarish and hauntingly empowering to the young woman. She was no longer a young Reticent learning about the pack and how to hold her spear without tripping. No, she was a First Cadet, getting started in her skills of choice. Those older than her may be amazed and Minerva’s dedication to learning, if they only knew the whole story though. The incident had her a bit on edge and eager to prove herself to the other Cavaliers, in case word spread that she had caused their War Lord to be in horrifying pain and faint form blood loss. How would anyone forgive her then? Would Teagan protect her from the harsh criticism.

These thoughts filled her with anxiety, swirling in her mind in the dead of night when she was most vulnerable. It was also these thoughts that had her jumping out of her comfort zone and volunteering to accompany Arlen on a merchant trip. Ahead the higher ranked Second Officer led the way on four paws, while Minnie gently shooed the ewes forward, trying her best to keep up with them. It made her gut tighten in guilt every time one steered the wrong way and she had to give it a slightly more focused bap in the rump with her spear to catch back up.

“Come on now. Stay together.” She encouraged gently as she prevented a ewe from getting distracted by the fresh grass in its path. Her ears perked as Arlen spoke and she responded quickly, “Yes. It’s not a problem. I can handle them.” True or not she would do her best not to let the Stryder down, it was the least she could do. As they continued she began to wonder if they would ever arrive at their destination. Having never been to Halifax she really didn’t know how long the journey took and she curious to see what was in store. She had seen abandoned towns before, when she traveled with her parents, but they had never let her explore given how dangerous the crippled buildings could be.

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