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POSTED: Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:24 pm

I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

OOC: Just gave myself a little prompt to get this thing started. It's night in Gaspesia, and it's warm. Your character is thinking about the closest pack. +300 words.

It was a strange thing to finally realize since she had come here about two months ago. Much of that time had been spent adjusting to her new life, getting to know the other members of her new kingdom, and starting to make herself known within this new community. While that was all well and good, there was still so much left outside of the new kingdom to see. No longer as she bound to the chains that her home held upon her, she could leave and see the world outside whenever she wanted. This whole land was new to her, having been born alongside her family within the western lands. How could she have ignored it for so long?

There was no need to bring the steed along with her on this trip. The time to trade and make relations through that would come in time. It would be better to get a lay of the land before she started diving into her skilled trade. There was also something else to discover. Although it had never been seen by those within Mortimer, the claims of the land of Salsola reached their ears. Both Viper and Pythius had been members of that kingdom before forming their own. Part of her wondered if the Overlord had been a brat back in the days when he was part of Salsola was well. Would make sense why he felt so entitled now that he was the leader of his own kingdom.

No one was to have anything more or better than he did, and everyone would bend to his will.

The night time breeze flowed through Zuri's hair and dress, a smile along her face. Neither one of her bats had come along with her, but that was fine. She could more than handle her own if something were to come up. One hand moved down along her dress, straightening it out as she moved about through the forest. There was a certain beauty to be held under the moon and the stars. Not much light might have been shining down upon her, but even in the minimal light, her pelt seemed to glow against the darkness. A beacon of pure light.

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agshf this is an awful post

He'd traveled further north than usual on his way to the Vale. Up and around the Mountain Oromocto before he'd decided to come to a stop, it was late and it was time to make camp. This diversion wasn't for naught, of course, he had heard rumours that the pack called Sapient had dissolved not long ago. His journey north did, in fact, support this claim. No oddly metallic scent, the sign of Sapiens, filled the air. The area felt hollow, strangely empty. He didn't linger long, it was too eerie, it felt like death.

The pale man had been letting Faust take free rein, it was a simple enough route back towards the coast, skirting the sweeping foothills of Oromocto. There had been no active action when it came to the exact route they had taken once they'd passed into the area known as Gaspesia, and so the glow up ahead was nothing but divine intervention.

She was like a mirror image, bathed in the light of the moon. A beacon in the dark forest Ankh had stumbled into. He was drawn in, naturally, like a month to a flame.

'Hello...' he called, his voice carrying far despite his echo deadening off of the trees.
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