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POSTED: Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:32 pm

"Lukos." The young boy announced his presence to the one that he thought to speak to in that instant. The grey wolf was a grizzled veteran amongst the faces of the order, well-liked and well enough respected from what the monochrome boy had seen on his short few months of life. He was among the four Anatheman's who had ascended directly into a proven role from the formation of the loner group in which they resided, yet he was not so muscle-bound as the chosen leaders. Lukos was someone who seemed more like a real person to the son of the monster, someone who wasn't all about their black and white vision of protecting what was good and culling the bad.

Elias, of all people, had to know that whoever was dark had some light in them, and vice-versa, the heads of the order could not be as holier-than-thou as they all apparently claimed to be. "You were friends with my father, weren't you?" The hybrid asked, his expression neutral and his eyes blank for a breath before they would focus on his elder, and the warmth would flood into his ice blue eyes like the coming of springtime. He sat beside the scholar, the one from whom Elias and the other young had heard all manner of tales of the home they had each known at their birth, and each lost at far too early an age. He looked at the Prometheus with apparent interest clear on his face, holding his eyes unwaveringly before he seemed to come to a realization, and glanced away, his smile never fading completely.
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POSTED: Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:01 am

"Hmm?" the male said, pulled from his thoughts by an unfamiliar voice. The grey, torn wolf glanced to the boy who stood before him now, his fur and bearings striking a memory. He was definitely an Anatheman before, or, a pup back then? Whatever the case, the young man was now looking at him expectantly, and Lukos turned from his seating on a decent-sized stone to face him directly. "Yes, what is it?" he offered, used to these sorts of things. Even though he wasn't a leader anymore, his age and expertise meant that others would sometimes come to him for questions or advice, especially the younger members of their little band. It was yet another pleasant perk that came with his long years.

He recognized the Einar boy well enough when asked about his father, eyes narrowing a bit as the elder looked almost bittersweet about the notion. "Once upon a time, yes. Wasn't always like that to be fair, but I'd like to believe we thought well of the other." he told him, a bit mournful of the thing Lux had become. "Elias, right?" Lukos asked, trying to recall his name from memory. The multitude of pups before Anathema fell, and everything that's happened since made things a bit difficult to remember. "Why do you ask?" he questioned, reclining his posture a bit, looking to the child as he attempted to guess his motives. Probably, it was to gain a more impartial opinion for what was happening lately. Being the one that mostly had them was starting to become a tiresome career choice.

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