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➧➧ Out of Character text
⟿ Word Count: [300+]
⟿ Date: Sep
⟿ Time: Early morning
⟿ Form: Secui

Bel's furnace made the old tower feel somewhat like home. 'home', he found that word ... weird. He'd had to face the hardships of a loner life twice, first when he escaped with nomad group- when he never really had a 'home', and later when Anathema disbanded- the first time he ever knew what a 'home' meant.

But once again, he had a place to call home, with The Order, but 'home' came with an oath different from what Anathema used to stand for. Auspicium promised to strive for good, meaning he would have to leave behind his old ways. No more thievery, no more lying, no more of his dirty tricks. Now he would have to train himself in order to protect those who are in need, to help preserve whatever little justice was left in the world.

So far, his training had left him absolutely exhausted. Even though he was more than used to walking and running long distances, fighting was a completely different story. All the precise movements he had to memorize, all the practice to become an effective fighter, combined with the hits his body had to take, it was a continuously exhausting experience for him. He knew he would eventually get better and possibly become part of the Proven, but he also knew it would take a long time before that could happen, so as for now, he would only have to worry about training and not breaking his oath.

The silvery wolf stood up slowly, careful to not wake up any other initiates, as it was very early in the morning, and quickly checked on Bel's furnace before heading outside. His plan for the morning was to take a quick jog around the Moonstone Lakes, like a patrol, but really he just wanted to clear his head before his duties officially started, and maybe meet with his two corvids. His light blue eyes scanned through The Proven's camp, the chilly air of the morning brushed against his face, making his entire body feel cold. This would be a good day for him, he could tell it.

"Speech". Thinking.

How long has it been?

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