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Helena Troy Lykoi


Emmett came to her in the late afternoon, the first time since their argument. She made him apologize, for the terrible things he had said, for the insolent way he had spoken to her before she would ever listen to the news he had to tell her. He was a proud man and pride was a bitter meal to swallow down, she unrelentingly demanded that he do so.

She sent him away when he was done speaking and returned inside the tower to her lady wife. Calla was still just as beautiful as the day they had met, as was Helena. Their blooming visions were still only just opening precious petals. Seductive whispers crossed black lips, ivory teeth.

Together they were nigh unstoppable, together nobody else and nothing mattered. It was intrinsically obvious that the fox-witch held her wife's complete attention in those moments.

From within two strode into the warm fiery light, likened to the specters that haunted the Blackwoods, the sirens that called men into the oceans to their deaths, that stole the souls of lesser mortals and devoured them.

Salsola would be right to wearily retreat, the Outsiders would be right to flee in fear.

They travelers had moved in the time it took Calla and Helena to ready themselves. Dusk was beginning to stretch dark fingers across the landscape. Their campfire drew the two, moths to a flame. Helena's soft voice called out to the two men,

"'Allo zhere friends. Is zhere maybe being room at your fireplace for us two lost ladies."

This was a trap they had set before, with devastating effectiveness. Many did not intrinsically believe the worst of people and openly welcomed strangers to their fires, more fool them.

They two were very similar looking, Helena would guess them to be brothers - they had the same pale blue eyes. The burning fire gave reddened-orange streaks to their pelts. Men were ever so easy to encourage along. A smile from a pretty lady was enough to turn heads, two of them and they were enraptured.

"Uhh.. yeah sure... We've got plenty of food to share." Said the larger, darker looking one with a deep, husky voice.

Arm in arm, Helena and Calla approached; Between the ocean and fire the two men were lost souls, with the Goddess' grace they would never realize the danger they were consumed in until it was far, far too late.

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Helena Troy Lykoi

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