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With harvest season well underway, now is a good time to make sure that our livestock feed is taken care of. Gather or trade for any type of foodstuffs to feed Salsola's pack animals, or have a thread where your characters plan and prepare to do so.

Helena Troy Lykoi


The small red kitten was growing, showing glimpses of the adult she would one day grow into. Helena had named her Feu for the little tufts of orange-red that sprouted from her ear-tips and the deep burnished copper of her eyes. Already the smart thing was learning the words of high speech that the Apprentice taught her at an amazing speed. Helena understood the impact of having such a small, sneaky creature to do her bidding and listen.

The cat followed she and Phobos as the pair walked side by side. Phobos held in his hands, two long scythes. The blades were made from sharply cut stone and attached to basic wooden handles. Phobos had surprised her by offering them, after presumably overhearing her speak about how the Kingdom had no such things as could be found.

Helena would claim the possession of them for Salsola, she 'traded' to Phobos the promise of several good meals at her table, a bottle of blackberry wine and a pretty jeweled necklace. If the Serf were smart he could use the necklace as the beginnings of his own wealth, only if he chose his trades wisely though.

Only two for now, more would come in future when time allowed. There was the scent of a storm in the air that blew from the ocean.

The fork in the trail was where they separated; Phobos turned east towards the Servants quarters, tasked with finding the mute man and bringing him to his Mistress - Helena and Feu continued on northward to Marrgerd. After a time the kitten grew tired and meowed plaintively until Helena picked her up, settling her on a shoulder.

Phobos would fetch Silas for her and in the time while she waited, Helena jotted down notes within Marrgerd. She took a look over the feed and storage room. During the last winter, the feed had run dry and there had been a small scramble to buy oats and other grains at exorbitant prices for the animals to graze on, this year would be different - Helena would make sure of it.

She was moving things around in the feed room when Phobos' voice echoed down the aisle of the barn, turning her ears,

"One moment.." She called, hanging up the last bridle and settling some ropes in place. There was now a large space cleared, ready to the bundles of grasses and hay to be stored. She assumed much of the duties that might have fallen to others had their number been filled.

She reappeared moments later, brushing dust from her fingers. Flame eyes looked over the scarred, mute man,

"'Ave you ever reaped a field or used a scythe before?" She peered at him critically, yet without scorn or distaste. Silas was an exemplary servant, occasionally performing tasks about her tower without the Apprentice even asking them of him.

The two of them, were almost of the same level in rank, Phobos maybe minutely higher and yet both bowed to her will. They were useful, the Kingdom rewarded useful servants.

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OOC: +300 words.

Silas had been known to be a bit of a wanderer when it came to the two communal servants. Corrine had more tasked to her than he did, which left him in search of work to do. When he found himself out of options, he would either take the time to clean his pants from their work, or he would go out hunting. A couple days ago, he had taken the time to allow his pants to dry from when he had cleaned them, taking that time to go hunting in his lupus form. At least in the fall sun, they would be dry in no time.

The wolf's head rose to the dark male as he arrived. He had just placed his clothing back on as he arrived, claiming Helena had sent this male to come get him. She was already making way to where the task would be handled, and the two males were to meet here there. One finger rasied up, needing a moment to grab something before the two of them were off. Moving back inside the quarters, he scooped his book and writing utensil into his hands, slipped them both into his pocket, and then met again with the male outside. Now that he was ready, both of them followed the path up to Marrgerd.

As they arrived, the dark male made notice to their presence. Helena spoke, and then soon appeared. He had been asked a question, but was careful to turn his gaze away from the ranked member. He knew the woman saw him in a good light, and he did not want to disappoint her. He could do nothing but share the honest truth with her.

Hand reached into his pocket, pulling out the book and tool. He wrote carefully across the page before offering the open book to the woman, "Silas has not, but Silas is always willing to learn. Silas will learn any skills that will benefit Silas as a servant and Salsola." As long as she could show him what needed to be done, he would make sure the task was complete.

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