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It was the richness of the season that allowed Rhaegar to remain adequately fed, though barely so. In the Outpost, the boy had preferred other activities to hunting. He’d been born into a close-knit society that’d shared their resources and he had wanted for nothing while growing up with his parents and siblings. It'd not occurred to him that he'd be forced to fend for himself so far from home. He’d never known the sharp teeth of hunger until his guardian’s demise, but he could feel each individual rib now if he felt along his side. Any remaining puppy fat was quickly consumed by a body that desired more than it was given.

And he had so much to do.

He’d taken the twin-blade from the body, but he knew not how to wield it. Shadows whispered to him sometimes, speaking of past times and the ways of old terrors. But there was no muscle memory to lead the hand that wielded the weapon, and there was no elegance or finesse when he attempted to swing it. He’d been fuelled by an uncharacteristic fury at this discovery. Technically a child still, his body was weak and needed to be taught. The beast that cradled his soul had no use for him in his current state.

Today, he felt more like himself, and the sunrise didn’t burn quite so bright against his velvet hues. It felt good. The boy’s gaze was downcast however, sweeping low across rocks and dirt and the sickly viridian of the oncoming autum -- his first. His grandfather’s sword weighed him down with every step and his back ached with the experience. It’d never meant to be his, but he’d taken it by force, coerced by something terrible, guiding his reluctant hand with an unyielding grip.

Perhaps that was why it felt like such a terrible burden.

The soldier’s scent was fresh upon the path he followed, like winking dew sprinkled across a meadow, leading the way. His limbs felt heavier with each step, but the boy forced himself into a trot, intent on catching up to the individual he pursued while crisp morning air burned his lungs and turned his breath ragged.

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The patrol had him scaling a winding path that was edged with gravel and small stones that bit into his feet as he climbed higher and higher. He had left Symre with the horses in Margerrd at her request – lately she had taken a keen interest in the strong looking Stantevit horses that had been left behind in Salvias stead. Brocade was happy for her to have an interest so long as it had her outside the confines of her small dingey room.

His mouth parted as he panted, pushing long greying hair from his face with the back of his hand.

In the distance he could make out the scraggly line of the Halcyon against the sky, its peaks like dragons’ teeth. There had been stories told around the travellers campfires that alluded to such creatures, and Brocade even as a boy had imagined that the mountains that curled around them were the sleeping beasts – waiting for a hero to come and wake them.

The soldier paused atop the rise with his hand resting on the hilt of a blade that lay strapped to his hip. A flock of gulls cried awkwardly as they passed over head, disappearing into a froth of perfect cloud.

When he heard the scrabbling behind him he growled softly, surprised to find the young boy trailing after him.

”Rhaegar,” He greeted, allowing his tail a friendly wag, ”Have you come to join me on patrol?”

He noticed the blade in the boys hand, ”Where did you find that?”

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