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Malfoy gave a nod as Zuri said she knew which houses could be checked, and that they could figure out to hang the material once they found some. That made sense to the grey wolf dog, and he offered another nod as she pointed out the right buildings and said they should separate for now. “Sounds good” he smiled before heading into one of the pointed out buildings. Sighing, he knew she must think he was a idiot. Of course he knew you could tell by scent if someone was in a building, but sometimes the scent could spread and linger in other places.

Shaking his head, he decided not to over think it. Looking around the building he had picked, he made his way through, checking every window. He of course made sure to watch his footing, since the buildings weren't in the best conditions. Squinting slightly, he let his eyes adjust before checking other spots that cloth might be in. When he had no luck with the first building he made his way out and to the next one. Going from dark to light had him blinking and shielding his eyes a bit. Once in the next house he repeated his process

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It was a tedious job to say the least, moving from one empty house to the next looking for something that may not even be there in the first place. It was a wonder she had been able to come across something the first time she had gone looking around when the Ravenking had announced the costume party he was hosting. While it was entirely possibly to just use what was left, there was no harm in looking to see if there was anything else lying around being unused.

The two of them moved through the houses, Zuri being less careful that her counterpart was being. Her mind was set on the task ahead of them, only briefly paying attention to other things inside the homes than what was on the windows. The frown she held along her muzzle only seemed to grow as she moved between the houses, all of them either having been picked clean, or nothing that was there was able to be salvaged for the project she had in mind. It was so disappointing.

There were only a few homes left that needed to be checked, and she could only hope that it would hold something. The first yielded the same result.. that being nothing at all. Upright ear pulled back slightly as the pale woman exited, leaving the last home to be her only option. To her delight, there still seemed to be something usable in this one. It was tattered of course, and not all of it remained hanging along the wall, but there was some there. Zuri had been careful why removing it, stepping outside with the cloth bundled in her arms.

Padding over to the homes across the way, she came to the one where Malfoy's scent was the strongest, peeking inside, "Were you able to find anything Malfoy?"

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