they told me unity was not at home but they lied

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In some parts of the world, white was considered a sacred color. This had been true for the mountain called Khalif and the people who lived there. Within their legends were tales of things laid out plainly – good and evil, and the things one needed to do to ensure they did not fall prey to powers greater than their own.

The sooty brown-gray horse was starting to turn white. He was surprised by this, but found a new delight in such sight. It encouraged him to continue her training, and he did so now thinking not merely of himself, but of the future. Such ideas had begun coming to him more and more, as he settled into his bones and his body. His cousins had their revolution and the world had moved on. Grievous Eternity was a man who found himself living in a place which had changed since his youth.

Salsola was changing, and he was keenly aware that in order to survive finding and establishing connections to others was a worthwhile endeavor. To this end he saw it appropriate to fulfill the duties of Family. In its simplest form this was support, though because they lived in a society which looked keenly at its neighbors beyond the bounds of good nature and friendliness. What he was doing now was less a matter of pity or bribery than principle.

Hoisting the great bundle on his back so it would fall more comfortably, Grievous continued along the barely-there trail through the forest. He thought the weight was manageable, and was glad for the opportunity to practice. Carrying a person would be harder, but this was a good measure of where his stamina settled. The dark woodland was miserable even in winter, when more light managed to find its way through, and Grievous would be glad to leave it when his delivery was done.

Following his nose, the wolf made his way towards the place where the horse-smells were strongest. The closer he got the more certain he became, for multiple scents crossed this place. O'Riley had told him about the Infernians, and about the woman's death.. It was less important now where the mother had come from – her children lived because of Salsola, or not at all.

To this end he had put efforts into what he had caught and made. Grievous was certain this stranger would not refuse such a splendid bounty.

As he neared, the Henchman called out to announce himself with a guttural, wolfish sound.

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