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OOC: Hee Haw Orchard, the barn. ^^ WC: 452

IC: Taking care of the pack's horses and other livestock was part of Sedona's every day routine. Waking up before the sun was even close to breaching the horizon, making her way to the Orchard, to the stables and beginning to morning rounds with all the animals was something the cowgirl actually looked forward to. The tasks of feeding and watering the animals, mucking their stalls and enclosures, bringing them out to pasture, grooming them, treating any wounds or illnesses, and in today's case, bringing extra blankets for the pack's resident equines was all part of the job description and Sedona loved every part of it. The Hawkesond lived and breathed horses, cattles and anything to do with ranch work. It was in her blood to work hard. Her sense of duty to the pack and its animals was unparalleled. Not even the worst blizzard could keep her from the barn.

Sensing that new harsher weather was just around the corner the next few days, Sedona had taken a special trip to the pack's storage to grab some extra insulating blankets for the horses. The colder the temperatures dropped, the more likely the horses were to become cold, even inside their newly renovated, sheltered barn. The low burning braziers in the structure would only do so much to provide heat. The animals themselves would require individual measures for best effect. Noting that they would soon be running out of blankets if the pack came to acquire any more equines, the Hawkesond figured she'd need to go out on a trade mission to get some more textiles.

As she came back up the pathway from the storage building to the barn, the girl almost tripped on some buried object into the snow lain across the middle of the pathway. The pile of folded, colorful wool horse blankets nearly tumbling out of her arms, the cowgirl exclaimed and glanced around her feet. Protruding from the ground was an antler, shed from a an elk it appeared based on the size. Surprised by the find, the woman carefully kneeled and reached for it, shaking it free of snow and clinging earth before setting it atop the teetering pile of blankets, and continuing on her way to the barn. Once she'd distributed all the blankts, she could take a moment to better examine the antler, see if it was worth using for anything. SHe knew that antlers like this could be made into a variety of useful items from weapons to whistles.The idea of a new knife excited the Hawkesond and she smiled softly to herself at the idea as she reached for the handle to the large stable doors, the blankets swaying unsteadily as she did.

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Optime | Hee Haw Orchard (+637)

Omfg, I haven’t written Ragna being so mean since the Boreas Conflict ;___; Sorry, Sedona!

It had been a little while since Ragna had ventured out to the communal barn. Not too entirely long, but, long enough that it was obviously not within the scout’s duties or interests to maintain and keep track of the pack’s livestock that were housed there. Ragna was a scout, after all, and her time was spent more towards gathering intelligence and looking out for the security of the pack. Of what time she had beyond her duties, Ragna often spent maintaining her fighting figure, as well as being self-reliant for food or otherwise.

The curious thought to check up on the communally-owned animals had occurred to her while she had been maintaining her own horses.

With Glade out doing one thing or another, Ragna had made the trek down to the orchard by her lonesome. She wondered how the new animals were holding up now that they had been within ownership of the Vale for nearly two months. They had all been rounded up in the aftermath of a mysterious fire that had scattered any semblance of their former home. Horses, chickens, sheep, and even a few goats. Unfortunate as it was for the reason behind their acquirement though, it was to the Vale’s benefit. Still relatively young, the pack had been very much lacking in terms of communal wealth, food, and goods. And, with any luck, with things having settled for the time being, the Vale would be able to further expand their number of livestock this upcoming spring.

The trek from Winterwynd to Hee Haw Orchard didn’t take long, especially with taking one of the more well-worn paths. Ragna had left the house dressed in her usual, dark and rather bland attire. Her shemagh wrapped warmly around her neck and about her shoulders, helping cut back a bit of the cold. Her deerskin cloak was worn atop her usual long-sleeve shirt, vest, and pants. It wasn’t the warmest thing, but, for the price she had paid for it, and for what she needed it for, it worked just as well.

Upon arriving at the barn, Ragna’s pace had become leisurely. The work she and Kenai—and others—had done during the summer months had paid off. The orchard looked more and more well kept each time she visited the place. No doubt, the livestock appreciated the time and effort their Luperci masters had spent on their comfort and safety. Ragna eventually made her way around to the barn, where she was surprised to find another’s presence there.

Seeing the teetering pile of blankets, the Eklund’s feet moved on their own accord. She intersected the other promptly, prying open one of the large stable doors for the fellow Mistwalker. “Here, let me help you with that,” she said.

It took a moment for that stench to reach her nostrils.

And, when it did, Ragna realized who she had unwittingly helped. It was that coywolf that had joined the pack some months ago, Madonna, or whatever her name was. Her scent was almost as prominent around the barn as the smell of horse manure was.

She should have just let the coydog struggle.

A shame that she couldn’t simply depart from the scene now that she had already made herself involved. Ragna Eklund of Boreas would not be known for running off simply because a coyote mutt walked across her path. She took a breath—and tried to focus on the smell of winter and the barn around her than the coyote hybrid in front of her—and let it out slowly.

“Where do you plan on taking these?” The question came out harmless-sounding enough, more neutral and simply curious about the purpose for the tall stack in the Hawkesond’s arms.

Ragna Eklund

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