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There was a sickening crack as the rabbit's neck broke clean, a snap which sounded out like a crack of a whip and reverberated off of the trees that surrounded the clearing. For what felt like an eternity the sound echoed hollowly around the densely wooded area before it dissipated like mist into the background. The crude stone altar in the centre was already marred by the Pale Man's previous attempts at divination, specks of dried crimson had nestled themselves deep into the crevices of the uneven stonework and made themselves forever at home. There was only so much scrubbing the man could and was willing to, do. He was careful, always careful, not to wash away the mysticism of the stone too, not that the stone was in and of itself particularly special. Many creatures had met their end upon the table and their souls had been forever entwined into the fabric of the air around here he sat and he wasn't stupid enough to disrespect that. While the rabbit had been nothing but one in tens of such creatures, taken from the hutch his mother had founded so long ago, it had still been an individual, as much as it's appearance said otherwise. In essence, it had had a spirit in its body mere moments and thus it was proper to treat it as such.

With a strange delicacy, one that both befitted him and look completely alien, he picked up the knife and began the main incision. Blood seeped out like a burst balloon and dyed the hare pied creature's pale stomach a brilliant shade of crimson. White hands (still tinged with rose from last time) spread the flesh with care and once in, they began to pluck the organ's from the still warm cavity.
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There was little that captivated Jaketta enough to draw her away from her magic. Though, during the winter there was little foraging that could be done for a few reasons. Her fur was much too thin to be wandering about in the snow for extended periods. Most of what she foraged for lay beneath the white prison that blanketed the land, leaving her little to actually forage for. So, she would have to make do with what she had until the winter months vanished and took the snow with them.

While there was little that actually caught her attention, there was still much to be done. She hunted when time allowed, adding to Salsola's cache so they would do more than simply survive the winter. Salsolans always did more than simply survive. Jak was on her way back from a hunting trip that ended successfully with the capture of two rabbits. They both hung from her hip, dripping their life force onto the ground as she walked and stained the bright white snow brilliant red. It entertained her, being able to look back at the trail she left. It was a trail that would be gone by the next morning.

While her rabbits bled, they no longer generated that fresh irony scent that a newly killed rabbit generated. So, when the waft of blood from another source hit her, she felt inclined to chase it down. What and who it lead her to was a familiar and unfamiliar sight. Ankh, who she'd met once before, stood over an altar with the fresh kill. Bright pink organs were strewn onto the altar as blood seeped over the edge of the flat stone. Her eyes widened with a newfound curiosity as she walked closer to the brilliant white canine.

Good afternoon Warden. She spoke, indicating her presence. Blood and gold hues washed over the scene on the altar, wondering exactly what Ankh might be doing. Magic possibly?
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