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Coaxoch had not known when their relationship had started, but there had been some whispers on the wind that his father had been spending an awful lot of time with the hermit that accompanied the Blackwoods as he and his small family had. Coaxoch figured that the other male had been keeping Till out of trouble, so he had not investigated the relationship too hard, seeing as it was very possible that Till could have non-sexual encounters with other males. Coaxoch had seen the way that his father looked at some males, but he knew that it was different for Till and Weaver, who would only come for tea and stew, and also for Lokr, who his father would only hunt with. Till was a social creature, Coaxoch had come to notice, so he did not think much about the relationship between his father and the hermit. If anything, Till had been lonely since the departure of Lokr and Weaver, so Till needed new friends, and Coaxoch was happy to see that Till was finally making friends again.

The summons was odd to say the least. He had assumed that the male had seen him with the ravens at some point, so when Skrak had come and told the Wendigo that the Pale Man had asked for his presence, he found it curious. He didn't know that the other male really even come from his home, much less would see Coaxoch with the ravens as he had. Maybe, he had seen and talked to Ixion at some point, or maybe the male was as creepy as Coaxoch had thought. Coax had tried to not think of the other as creepy, but from the times that he had seen the other, the male had seemed slightly creepy and also very flashy. Coaxoch knew this was probably why his father might have liked the male, because Till was predictable in the way that he would flock to those who had things that shone bright in the sun, and the ghostly male shined much brighter than those of modest riches and larger families.

The Ulrichson had called for Ixion to accompany him and also carry some fresh stew that he had made so that he could show up with something to offer to the other, even though it was a summons. Coaxoch wanted to be neighborly and friendly to the other, so he figured that he might as well offer some of the extra stew that he had from the day's hunt. It was Yuletide and Coax did know that if he was not friendly with his neighbors that the Gods might punish him for the year, and this was something that Coaxoch would not chance at all. He had already had enough bad luck this year and he did not want to give the Gods even more reason to punish him more than they already had.

He and his lynx had come to the humble abode and were met with the stench of felines with the smaller, less dominant smell of the male. Coaxoch wondered how the other could stand the smell of so many cats around his home, but he figured "to each his own" and he shrugged his shoulders. Ixion looked up at Coax with his bright blue eyes and snorted lightly. Even he thought there were too many felines in the area. "I wonder if he needs any pest control." Ixion commented in high speech, in which Coaxoch had chuckled lightly. "I doubt it." he retorted easily as he rapped his knuckles on the wooden door to the male's abode. "It's Coaxoch!" he announced himself, wondering still what this male could want from him.

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The boy was naive, foolish even, to not understand the relationship his father and the skeletal male fostered between each other. It amused the hermit, sequestered deep within the grasp of the Blackwoods, in a space where only ghosts, demons, and the boldest of Salsolan's dared to tread.

He'd been wary as to whether the boy (for all younger than him in age were boys truly) was likely to arrive at his doorstep post summons. Ankh hadn't asked how Allspice had collared the raven Coax used, and frankly, he didn't want to know. In the end, it was easier to feign ignorance and act as if the cat had acted on its own initiative rather than listening to Ankh's instructions. 'Get this message to Coaxoch by any means necessary.' didn't give him much of a leg to stand on after all.

Soon enough Allspice came to his door well before the handicapped boy arrived, when his voice sounded out the Pale Man had only to croak, 'Enter.' as his permission. There was never anything such as too many cats, Ankh was sure. Granted he only paid rapt attention to the five or so that formed his inner circle and the others were more often than not in absolute danger of being used for divining by their ghostly master. They seemed to like it, he thought naively. They accepted it at the very least. Acceptance was all he needed after all. It was all he needed to work with.

The kittens gambolled happily beside the first, the half-brothers as tight as full brothers. Their father, the great, black tomcat, hid within the rafters at rest. Whether the boy cats knew he was their father was a mystery to the pale master, Allspice kept so many things secret from so many people. Ankh only assumed after all. They would make fine gifts, he'd decided. They'd been playing in the hollow and had been bold enough not to scatter with the older cats when the pale man had exited his den. And it was the giving season after all.
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