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ooc - Backdated to when Helena stopped by the Court to trade her goods. Takes place in The Jardins Takes place on the borders of CdM :D


Resisting the urge to skip, Cicely breezily walked towards the Court's scent line. Her arm was folded neatly in front of her, supporting the weight of a basket practically overflowing with goods and other commodities. Word had it that a trader had arrived to the Court, invited by Erza to exchange her treasures. They were nothing more than rumors, but the Sadira heard talk of the bolts of vibrant fabrics the traveler boasted.

So Cicely had come to scope out the scene herself, and she was well equipped should Erza’s promises prove to be more than talk. Cicely had borrowed her mother’s green cloak, although she left the hood down as to not conceal her face. In addition the Sadira was accompanied by the old tomcat she had taken under wing a mere week ago. Biggs did not stray far from the girl’s side, keeping close to her ankles. Despite the tomcat’s protest, Cicely insisted that he wear a red ribbon around his neck, fashioned with a bow. She felt that the accessory offset the cat’s rather grizzled appearance.

Just as they said, the trader had set up temporary shop just past the Court's established borders, far enough not to infringe upon the Pack but close enough to catch their attention. ”She stands out doesn’t she, princess?” Biggs grumbled to Cicely, his amber eyes glittering with amusement. The trader was clad head to toe in a rather bold shade of red, from the richness of her cloak to the soft scarf that wrapped around her throat. Cicely merely shrugged at the tomcat’s scorn. She did have to admit, she was expecting the trader’s clothing to be more worn from the wears and tears that came with travel. Cicely had nothing but respect for a woman who kept her appearance so pristine in such conditions.

The Sadira was quiet as she merged with a group of giggling Courtier girls, all who were ogling the vast arrange of shiny trinkets the scarlet woman had tactfully displayed. As pretty as the jewelry was, it was the bolts of fabric that remained the apple of Cicely’s eye. Almost unconsciously, the girl reached out to touch a rather pretty bolt that was dyed royal. The fabric was dyed evenly, which was a feat of mastery around these parts. Already Cicely had images in her head of wearing this color to the upcoming Masquerade.

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To find them a fortune, chests filled with gold

Against the offering of her business associate, the Frenchwoman chose to keep herself and her plethora of goods in the neutral territories. Maybe accommodations would have better met her standards but the desire to keep at least some semblance of safety ran deeper than her wish for a proper roof above her head. Settling herself deep within potential enemy territory did not sit well.

In spite of the current company, Helena found herself oddly missing the companionship of her young feline. Many hours she had spent before her fire, with the ruddy girl curled in her lap, ruminating on the latest chips of gossip or drippings of information important enough to ruminate over.

There was a small stream of those interested in the goods she had to trade, the Frenchwoman greeted each with a civility not often found in the likes of those who traveled. Each movement, every tipped word spoke of affluence, a woman used to her luxuries and the wealth to afford them.

The young girl who eyed her fabulous fabric with a desirous lust caught her attention, black lips curled into their sharp smile,

"Eet es zuch a pretty color, oui?" She purred, running a clawed finger along the richly dyed display. Portland had provided her with an array not usually found so far north and Helena was spreading it out to the far reaches.

Her silken ears turned, keeping awareness upon the other girls who giggled and fawned, as well as this one before her. No one stole from Helena Troy Lykoi. There was a keenness to her that suggested this, that promised a retribution for any such attempted thievery. A thief always knew when others eyed their possessions.

"I am zhinking, it would be looking so beautiful on yourself, Mon Cherie." She postulated with aplomb. This was not a lie, Helena could indeed see how such a color would be striking against the girl's pale and cream hair.

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