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[p. Clover/Vesper]

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Saut set out under a clear morning sky after packing his camp up and forcing down a few stiff pieces of preserved venison. He made good progress on Lark; she didn’t need to be pressed, and rather seemed to enjoy the ride after lounging around in camp for a few days. Winter wrens and chickadees, encouraged by the (relative) warmth of the day, sang and called cheerfully from a nearby copse of trees as Saut drew up to Inferni’s old western border. He inhaled deeply, searching for any fresh coyote scent in the breeze. Then he dismounted, hitched his mare to a low tree out of the open, and trotted on four paws into the Wastes.

Nearer to the ground, Saut was able to pick up signs that canines had crisscrossed the area recently, but he didn’t recognize any of the scents. This part of the territory had always been foreboding, and empty-feeling, and now more than ever the landscape felt distinctly harsh. The grey hybrid turned uncertainly in the direction of the Mansion’s ruins. He considered calling out – if the respondent was unfriendly, he could always just outrun them – and settled on a mid-distance bark that would not carry out of the area.

Saut was much changed since the last time he’d walked these paths, now grown over in places with thorny plants and weeds. His fur had lightened, and he’d become a little more proportionate, though he would always be ungainly. He moved without the invented burdens of his childhood and paused every so often to appreciate a familiar landmark, or birdsong (fainter, here) or the sun. Maybe he was more prone to distraction, too, but Saut wasn’t hurried. He doubted he would find anything but ghosts out here, anyway.

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