will you hold me tight and not let go?


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She thought of Oscar, deep in the grasp of the cold, dead night. The Starkhelm had left her furs deep in the night, insomnia gripping her pied body and mind and forcing her away from what was most familiar. The cold, dark den would soon become familiar to her, but in the long moments she sat deep in the cusp of the earth she felt nothing but alienness. Two separate souls had dragged her through most of her denial, but she still clung onto what remained of her troubles. Idly, she dug the den further. The last time she'd been sequestered in the earthen hole she'd been smaller, a child almost and now, as an adult she struggled to fit within the space as elegantly as she had before. Sooner rather than later, space would be taken up further.

And this was where she missed the Morelli most. He was no longer part of the society which called themselves the Shoal, she'd checked and finding him absent had worriedly assumed word had reached him before she herself could pass on the news and he'd chosen to make his escape. It wasn't that, she was sure. She was sure he wouldn't do something like that, even if he had heard the tidings. Pessimism was a powerful enemy though and she fought it constantly as she dug, and dug, and dug. Eventually, she grew tired, verdant eyes judging the burrow to be deep enough, for the moment. She still had time to dig it further, but ever the fan of preparation she figured now was the best time to start said preparation.

She was already sick. And tired. And bigger. Scarcely halfway through with the ordeal and she was already sick of it. Embittered, she wondered if she had had a mother to steer her away from such horrors, would she be in this very situation to being with. Little did she know she was more like her mother than she'd ever likely be knowing her. Of course, she didn't know, her own father hadn't known and it was him and his agile, skeletal body that had done the dirty deed in the first place. The apple didn't fall far from the tree in the end and at least it seemed the D'Angelo would make a better attempt at motherhood that her own mother had.

The Starkhelm settled momentarily in the warmness of the den, while she could not move into it officially for some weeks more, she'd spend increasingly more time in it as the days went on. The transition was a gradual one and while she was reluctant to make the switch eventually subtle hormones would guide her way.

Until then, she sat in the twilight, considering what was and what would soon be.
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