long shadows in the snow

POSTED: Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:20 pm

Bisoi Stronghammer
Bisoi arrives.422

Bisoi sat in the long winter light, pulling his mottled beaver cloak closer to his body. He felt embraced by the cold, feeling at ease within the sheltered woodland. Bite and Scratch dipped into the quiet stream nearby, darting under submerged logs, trying to scare an unlucky fish out of hiding. He did not worry that they wouldn’t return, despite the call of freedom they knew that meat would always come under the wolf’s care.

Nearby, Watercress grazed on what grass she could find. The pickings were lean this time of year but he kept her to the lowlands where the cold was not so bitter and ruffage was plentiful. She was a hearty little creature, so he didn’t overly worry about her either.

There was the consideration of his own belly. Winter trapping was always a joy. The presence of the woodland creatures was much more obvious, their tracks staying clear for hours on a still morning. Little creatures were more desperate, more prone to making mistakes. Though, little thrilled him more than cornering a thriving colony of muskrats in a frozen creek, or finding the fox den and finally flushing them out. He was in a new territory though and the woods were foreign and dark.

He put his hands out to the sputtering fire that heated his bones. He still had meat, smoked and salted and the two minks that darted nearby where more than able to catch a fishy meal of their own tonight.

He rose, stretching his pendulous arms to the sky. He felt the stiffness loosen along his back and he gazed up through the trees. The sun had not yet set but dusk was settling into evening and long shadows were cast against the light snow. He lifted his nose to the wind, taking in the foreign scents. The forest was calm and for now, he settled again next to the fire to the comfort of heat and the promise of a long, quiet sleep.

Bite and Scratch returned from the stream, slower than they had left. They made short work of his few garments drying by the fire, rolling their slick bodies against them until they fluffed up. Bisoi watched them play, easing himself into a makeshift nest of furs.

It felt surreal finally arriving here. More than that though, he was exhausted. As the too mink burrowed in the nest alongside him, he watched the forest sink into night.

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