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I can't hold on much longer

Coaxoch had begun to get back to his normal life, by starting his day with going into the Blackwoods and finding his personal alter in which he used to make his sacrifices to the Red God, and pray. This morning was no different than the last few, where he sung hymns, burned Ankh's incense, and prayed to the Gods, asking them what he might placate them with as far as the sacrifices went. They required blood on this day, when the others had been things like trees, and plants, things that were still hard to find in the depths of winter, but the blood that they required of him was definitely one that he would be hunting for awhile, but still common enough for him to find without spending an entire day looking.

Once he was done with his prayers of the morning, he had thought about if he should go back to the church to let Sebastien know that he was preparing to hunt, or if he needed to be on babysitting duty today. Coaxoch had the children for the past few days, so he decided that he was not going to do the sitting today. Skrak had come to Coaxoch and he whispers words to the beast and sent him to the air to fly off to Sebastien. Coaxoch gathered his hunting gear and placed his tools upon his waist until he came down to his spear. He did not take either of his horses today, for Nightmare was still a bit too young to break, and Korosk was much too slow in the thick snow that covered the ground. Coaxoch did whistle to call Ixion, the white lynx to his side. The ghostly lynx was never too far, and once he had caught up to the pale wendigo man, he rubbed his head and the length of his body on Coax's thigh. Coaxoch pet the beast and whispered to the feline that they were to hunt their favorite. Wild Boar.

Coaxoch scented the air for the stench of the beasts. They were so stupid that it was so easy to find them often times, and Coaxoch had had a lot of success finding and hunting them, enough to where he was confident enough that he would not get gored by even some of the bigger pigs. They were vicious, he had to say that, but he had his wit on his side, even though he had only one arm. The lynx, too, was confident in his partner's ability, and had faith that Coaxoch would be able to take down his prey with some help from him, but not as much as one might think.

The cold air of the Blackwoods sunk into the dense coat of the other, and for some reason, he felt sad then. Coaxoch still trekked on, but he still felt the deep sorrow in his heart that Faith had left him with. He wondered when she would leave his thoughts, when she would finally leave him alone to let him move on with his love, with his life. Would she plague him, or would she some day vanish from his thoughts like Elody had for his father?

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