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Krios had plenty of things to think about after the meeting with the rest of the shield and his conversation afterward with his wife. While he did not mind what he heard, per se, he did have quite a few thoughts and feelings about it. But there were other pressing matters. He had visited with his family, aunt and cousins absent, to learn that his two siblings had a rather rough lesson with Delfina. Whatever happened, his grandmother said it was not her place to talk about but that it had been quite bad. It only helped to put a bitter taste in his mouth over his aunt's behavior in general.

He did not manage to find Victoire, who was likely being reclusive after whatever happened. Neither could the man find his brother, who also seemed to be avoiding him. Or fate merely had other plans for them all and decided he ought not see what had happened exactly. If he had known, he likely would have outright murdered his aunt without a qualm and faced the penalties with his head held high.

It was thus a mixed blessing that nothing had happened and he merely waited at the river that marked their border with the wilds of the grasslands and mountains that lead to the eastern territories. He had asked the Boss to join him there, as a change of scenery from the dark tower that she loved to hide in so much. Plus, Krios liked to watch the river move noticeably slower with the icy flows that came from further north.

He stood at the edge with the bow on his back, hands behind his back as he listened for their thorny Queen to make her appearance. Likely, she would not be pleased at the fact he set the meeting place.

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