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[WC: 500] all the cool cats from Salsola are having a secret cat meeting at the Southern Watchtower

O'Riley came back all mad, throwing his things and being loud in a way that disturbed the whole house. He went about this for a time until something fell and shattered on the hard stone below the fireplace. The noise had seemed to bring him back to his senses, though not enough to pay attention to the eyes watching him from the rafters.

The lynx was perched in a comfortable place where the beams of the barn came together. He had discovered an easy way up not long after they had moved into the place, and often made use of it when his partner acted out like he so often seemed to do in private. O'Riley had long ago shown his true colors to the cat, but despite being a wild thing Keenan was domesticated enough to recognize his best chances for survival were here, in protected territory.

Luperci were big, vicious, and everywhere.

It was a curious thing, in some ways, that this situation was not so uncommon. Apex predators seemed more likely to compete – historically they had, for food was scarce by the time man's sprawl had begun. Even now it was like this, for in the place of the last superior species had arisen another had mutated to fill this gap.

Keenan suspected that the wolf-gods must have been very powerful, to give their people this gift. It made him bitter his own had not chosen them, but he was resigned to his fate. Enduring one sometimes-ill-tempered man was a fair price to pay for protection and

Now that his partner was so important, Keenan felt himself needed to reflect such a role. Therefore, after long time during which he considered what to do and slept and hunted and slept some more, the wildcat roused himself to action. With equal slowness, trying to ensure secrecy and avoid suspicion, he traveled throughout the territory and spoke with other individuals of note.

With the moon now half-full the time had come. Having groomed himself to perfection and done what he could to ensure the meeting place remained unperturbed, Keenan perched in the window of the stone tower and waited. His nose twitched as the wind turned, curling his whiskers. The wind was good. Any Luperci passing along the road wouldn't be able to smell them as long as it kept blowing down from the north.

The moonlight turned his eyes into eerie green lanterns and washed his fur pale. Where the snow had not been touched it sparkled. Keenan could see his breath. It would have been better to do this when it was warmer, when tempers would be better and their options for space less limited – but things had changed in Salsola, and Keenan felt it important that the way of life they had cultivated endured.

Snow was on the way. He could smell that too.

Keenan wasn't overly concerned. The others would be coming. Besides, his home wasn't terribly far from the tower at all.

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meow mix meow mix

She had spent years in Salsola beneath the watch of her mistress, Hyacinth Silevue. The gypsy-woman had instilled in the tiny cat a certain set of ideals that had carried with her throughout all of her time in the twisted Kingdom – though now with Brocade she watched and tallied, measured and assessed. Hyacinth had left her for him, though Adelia knew the truth of it – deep down The Director could not be left to fend for himself.

She had seen it time and time again – for he was a man split between duty and a heart that was too large for his title.

The pale cat sat perched upon one of his countertops as he prepared for one of his many patrols – though the stink of that woman still lingered beneath the fabric of his tunic. Now there were new tokens woven into his everyday – and a charmed rabbit foot hung precariously from the shoulder of his armor as he tugged it over his head and began to strap it up the sides.

She licked her foot and said nothing, ignoring the way he casually glanced at her before slipping out the narrow door way.

Symre did the same – though Adelia did not watch her so much as her children did. Felix and Tali had grown close to the little witchling and were eager to spend time in the tiny room at the top of the stairs. Adelia had seen the sticks and runs – she was reminded of Hyacinths work, of the prayers and spells she had woven to protect her children back when they had been new to this world.

When the time came, she abandoned the cabin, slipping through the cracked windows on silent feet that would take her to the tower. Keenan had arranged for them to meet, and as the sky darkened the pale cat clambered the stones that lead to a crack in the tower wall and leapt from rafter to rafter until she landed gracefully before the hybrid.

He had his face turned toward the window – his whiskers twitching at the cool wind that came from the North.

Adelia took up a position upon an abandoned box, perching so that her paws sat right upon the edge – her tail curled tightly about her like a cloak.

Her eyes glowed with the captured light, her pupils large and dark against the oncoming night. She made no sound, though dipped her head to smooth her cheeks with a dainty paw.

There would be time to speak later.
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330 ooc
To find them a fortune, chests filled with gold

The temperature dropped as the evening grew later. Her fur protected the most of her but there where parts of her that the chill seemed to grip hold of. Delicate paws sought the places that snow did not accumulate and in this manner she made her way through the cold darkness. Feu avoided the places where moonlight gleamed through breaks, knowing her rust fur would make her all the more visible.

Footsteps in the darkness. One of the luperci, a male, strode down the pathway towards her. Feu paused in her meandering lope and stood with back arched gracefully. A gentle questioning 'mrrow?' echoing in the stillness. The male barely deigned to notice her, a pale frown upon his face.

Haughtily, Feur turned from him and began to trot again, appearing for all the world like just another cat out hunting mice in the dim light.

These criss-cross of trails were ones she knew intimately. Feu had been born in Salsola, like many of the others and knew the ways and routes of it by a very ingrained memory. She patrolled these avenues with impunity, knowing that she was safe from attach by larger predators. The luperci were good for something.

Wild instincts had never fully abandoned her, although they were dulled by the domestic life she led. Helena often left her to fend for herself when she went away traveling. Feu was never interested in the world beyond Salsola, this place was big enough for her.

There were other scents here now. She caught out the one of the big Lynx and suppressed a shiver. Feu was not a large lady, she was mostly fluff, lots and lots of fluff. She leaped up onto a broken stone wall, placing each paw precisely, easily covering its distance and jumping down from its tall height.

She finally did reach the arranged place, and slunk from the shadows, orange eyes cutting through the gloom. Her tufted ears twitched, catching the subtle sounds she was attuned to listening for.

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Established Universe – Cats of Salsola

S T O N E ∙ & ∙ A G A T E

They had been purchased by her father in that seaside trading port called Portland, the pair of them worth two mink skins and a bag of the mustelid creature’s bones. It had not been of their choosing to go with the man at the time. The fisherman had handpicked them, and, young as they were, they knew little else but to agree of what was chosen for them. Agate’s mother had sent them off with a loving kiss atop each of their heads, making them promise her that they would be good hunters and better fighters in their new home.

The Kaiser patriarch had taken them a great distance from their birthplace. He had brought them to a place that was without the constant cry of hungry gulls on a misty morning, without the stench of Luperci long overdue for a good, fresh-water bath after a long trek at sea, without the mass of bustling bodies as Luperci came and left the town. He had brought them to a place where pretty birdsong could be heard on a dew-covered morning, to a place where pine mixed with wildflowers and underbrush and carried only a hint of the distant sea, to a place where the Luperci were spread out, their homes sometimes great distances apart from one another. He had brought them to his children, a pair of jackal-hybrid twins that could have been no larger than Stone’s rumored father.

It had been the girl that had sought their companionship. It had been the girl that had given them names. It had been the girl that grew up with, trained with, befriended. It had been the girl that they had stayed with when the family fell apart. It had been to the girl that they had pledge their loyalty and secrecy to. To Kamari Kaiser, they belonged, just as much as she belonged to them.

Stone’s yellow-green eyes opened as his biological clock tolled. The bob-tailed tom glanced over to his Luperci companion. The Emissary had finally returned to the home that night, having come back from yet another mission that took her outside of the vast Kingdom. Tired from her journeys, she had, thankfully, fallen asleep rather quickly. A good thing too, for, the son of Abendrot had summoned the felines of the home to join him—and others—that night.

Assured that the Shadow remained asleep, the tom unfurled from his position against her curled body, taking care to step carefully across her bed so that she wouldn’t wake. She was a light sleeper—always had been—and she would, no doubt, question what business Stone had to attend to so late on a winter’s night. When he reached his cousin, Agate’s, side, Stone swatted at his ear to wake him.

Agate looked up at the larger tomcat and groggily yawned.

“Get up, mouse-brain. It’s time,” Stone hissed lowly. He flicked an ear towards the slumbering Kamari. “And don’t wake her up.” Stone hopped off the bed without waiting for a response. Silently, he stalked off to go find their youngest member of the household, Belle. Agate, after a decidedly lazy stretch, eventually followed in his wake. With the kitten gathered, the trio slipped out of the house and out into the night.

Stone led the way, cutting them through the paddock and small patch of forest near the homestead, and stealthily guiding them as they drew deeper into the Ruins. Having grown up and trained with Kamari since their youth, the two toms moved like little shadows in the moonlit night, though, they took care to ensure that the little she-kit did not get left behind or spotted by a wandering Salsolan along the way.

Eventually, they arrived at the abandoned tower, and they slipped inside through a partially-opened door. Up they went until they reached the level and room in which a few others—and the head cat himself—had already gathered.

Stone crossed over to a spot that was closer to the room’s edge, near a window should he, Agate, and Belle need to make a quick escape. The big tomcat sat, his eyes roving over the other felines that gathered like his namesake; stonily.

Agate, meanwhile, ventured close to the two she-cats that were present, being the ever social one of the Emissary’s feline companions. He too, made his way over to sit next to his cousin. He wrapped his long tail across Stone’s shorter one. As much as he wanted to dig into the brown tabby about being in the presence of one of the few feral wildcats within the Kingdom, he wisely held his tongue from embarrassing him. He preoccupied his attention instead with watching over Belle, wondering if the kit would touch noses with her mother while they were there.

They waited in silence, curious to hear why Keenan had summoned them there.

Kamari Kaiser

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The great black tomcat had been perhaps the least enthusiastic about the forthcoming meeting, the only soul worthy of claiming the crown for themselves otherwise was Dill. Young and unsure, the tuxedoed feline had questioned how vital his attendance was, for after all, out of the many cats that pledged their loyalty to the hermit, Allspice was perhaps the only one that mattered. For all intents and purposes, it was Allspice that served at the pale man's right hand, the one who spoke with the other two-legged dogs. He argued, for what little arguing could be done with the hulking tomcat, that there were many others who could take his place. Sagely the reply had returned, pointing out that no others but the five that sat upon the roof of the root topped house had ever been given the privilege of knowing their lives were sacred enough to escape the culling Ankh was so known for. Those five, the felines that Ankh's colony had sprung from, would never know the tight grasp of skeletal hands and the cool, sharp sting of knives on warm flesh. It was their duty, Allspice insisted, to show face when the lynx called them.

While it was only Rue that had actively attempted to worm himself free from this obligation, none of the other three seemed particularly eager either. The prospect of coming anywhere near larger felines didn't seem the sensible thing to do when they could find themselves so easily on the receiving end of those big claws and dagger-like teeth. Bitterly (or rather ruefully) Rue, who was perhaps the smallest of the group, thought that of course, Allspice would see no danger in tangling with lynxes. Size wise, there was little separating him from the less domesticated felines and he was built better than most, he had very little reason to be afraid.

They were not among the first to arrive, yellowy eyes spotted the Quartermaster's ruddy feline and a few others he could just about recognise, the Director's cat and the Emissary's pair. Rue, Dill, Clove and Ginger made themselves comfortable at the further reach of the group, clustered together like a singular unit while Allspice stood apart, closer and unafraid to face O'Riley's hybrid.


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Antoinette was an older cat, at least older than all of her canine family's children. At over six years old, she was decidedly not in the youthful prime of life but in the maturity of adulthood with the wisdom that came with it. But despite the time she had spent in the ruins, she was still as sleek black as ever. She was treated exceptionally well, though she did sorely miss the younger daughter of her woman. The elder did not much care for her being underfoot and certainly never slipped delicious morsels her way. At least Isabella did, even if Antoinette was more than capable of keeping their home rodent free and herself fed.

The lynx called them and she had no issue detangling herself from the pillows in the reading room, making sure to glide past the doorway to her mistress's room. The sound of shallow breathing echoed back, but the absence of the remaining daughter made her wary. Wherever the woman was, Antoinette wanted nothing to do with it. She slunk out and headed toward the tower.

Along the way, she stumbled across her boy's new kitten, a little pretty thing that was slowly blossoming into a lovely queen. She was being led by his boy's wife's cats, whom she greeted and followed after wordlessly. She often came about to visit her boy's home, but she never stayed. Perhaps when her mistress passed she might, but then the other children might need her presence more.

They came to the tower and other felines had already approached. Green eyes lingered on the lynx a moment, before slinking by the three cats that made up her household's companions. Sleek, smooth, she sat with those vivid eyes merely staring out of the inky blackness. Belle nearby started muttering question to Stone, asking why they were there. Yes, why were they there?

Antoinette & Belle

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OOC text

She had no idea what to make of the luperci she had been given to. Seeming to be picked at random, or maybe Brocade's cruel attempt as showing Idrieus the kind of woman that she was, plucked one of the kittens from his own feline's litter, giving it to the dog woman just before she had left the gathering of luperci he had been hosting in his home. She seemed just as confused as the mottled woman that held her in her hands. What were either of them supposed to do with the other?

Eloise sat on the Paladin's table, the two of them seeming to do nothing but stare at one another in the days that had followed their partnership. Licking at her paws, the feline brushed at the fur along the top of her head, smokey tail tip moving gently up and down along the piece of the wood. Of course, having taken care of a bear, then the horse Grievous had given her... now it was only natural that she took care of this cat that had been brought into her life.

The call of the lynx had been unpredicted, but it had been received. Pawing up at the door, she knew Idrieus would be up late, typical of any warrior in Salsola having lived long enough to pick it up in Brocade's own home. Idrieus got up, fine with not having to watch this newcomer in her home. The feline moved down the hall, pawing again at the next closed door. Eyes narrowed slightly, but she was let outside all the same.

It wouldn't be too long of a walk, but the snow was absolutely dreadful for her lovely pelt. Doing her best to get her fur above the snow, she padded towards the empty tower, so many other cats already gathered here in the presence of the lynx. Spotting her mother on a box, she strutted over to her, hoping up next to the white feline. Giving her a gentle nudge with her head, green orbs glowed in the darkness, focusing on the much larger cat in their midst.

Idrieus Eternity

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OOC - Just Mirjam and Guts here. Will be posting again with Ixion, Kyo and Havock afterwards. WC: 580

Someday I'll be gone where we all belong

Her son had come to him, asking for her to bring the little runt that Till had her in charge of to the Southern Tower at nightfall. While she hated to be asked to do things, she could not say no to her beautiful son, and plus it had given her a reason to spend some time with him, for now that he was owned by an "important" luperci, he often forgot that he even had a mother that was still around. Mirjam did not blame him though, for the boys were grown now, and she was sure that she would grow tired of them if they were always hanging around her. She obliged, and brought the young thing with her, carrying it as if it was he own kit, but only because he had vehemently refused to go with her for some random "cat meeting" that she had talked to him about. Guts was not really a "cat's cat" as one could say, and he often liked to spend time with Till, and that was pretty much it. He did not like any of Till's children, nor did he really even like to hang around the two Matriarchs.

Guts, too, had grown out of visiting his own family, but this had to do with the Luperci world more so than the cat one, for it was Guts' understanding that his mother's family did not get along with Till's family, and wanted nothing to do with Till, so Guts also kept away from them, because his presence might make them think things about the Ulrichs that Guts did not want to be responsible for. Mirjam did not blame the child for becoming anti-social and unwanting of being involved with the political world of the Luperci, for Mirjam had been the same way. She often pretended that they did not exist and that their politics were theirs and their own. She did not need to be involved, and she likely never would.

That was, provided that she did not chime in during this...Meeting of the Cats.
Once she arrived, she looked at all the little house cats that thought that they were "oh so pretty", "oh so bad", and she snickered lightly before putting Guts on the ground. The little shadow of a male figured it was too late to run off, so he stuck in Mirjam's shadow as she lifted her nubbed tail and she pranced along to greet Keenan first with a rub to his face, and then running the rest of his body alongside him. She cared not of being late, or by the others seeing the display, seeing as this was her son of all leads of this meeting. Guts, was much more aloof and only nodded lightly at the much larger feline before following behind Mirjam as she went and found a slab to lay on. Her green eyes peered around the meeting and she sighed lightly, waiting for the late and lazy ones to finally show their faces.

Guts found a high perch in which he easily climbed upon and looked around at all of the faces, before his eyes landed on his mother. He wanted to go to her, to say hi, but he also felt as if it was not in his place to interact with her anymore. Instead, he sat regally upon his perch and turned his head away from his mother and to Keenan.

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OOC - Ixion here with kittens, Kyo and Havock. WC: 502

With eyes as bright as stars

This meeting had come out of the blue, and Ixion had a very hard time getting out of the church with the kittens without Coaxoch asking where he was going. It had seemed as if the Shaman had a sixth sense as to something strange going on, and he was being extra protective of the kittens that he had gotten from the Hermit earlier in the month. It wasn't until Coaxoch had gone to bed that Ixion was finally able to usher the sleepy kittens out of the church's broken window and rush off into the snowy night. It was cold, much too cold for the kittens to be out alone, but Ixion had let one of them ride on his back and he carried the other as to let them rest and try to get warm and keep away from the snowy ground that they were not so acclimated to walking on top of instead of sinking into the deep snow pits.

He groaned lightly, as he became tired about halfway through the trip, seeing as that he was so far away from all the other cats. He wondered why Keenan needed them to come to this meeting in the first place, and why he would hold the stupid meeting so far away. Ixion thought about it again and realized that only he and the hermit's cats were the only ones who were out so far and it wasn't "fair" to bring out all the Ruins' cats too far from home, should they become too spooked and lost to return home. Ixion rolled his eyes as he thought about all the prissy housecats that would be like snacks to him and his family, should they cross the much larger felines. They all were lucky that his family were so nice to all of them.

He shook his fur once he had come into the domain of the meeting. Kyo, who was on Ixion's back, did not miss a beat and jumped from the pale feline's back and then ran up towards his father. He purred to his father and took a seat next to him, before Havock was finally put down and followed his older brother. Ixion focused his attention on his mother first by greeting her with a bump of their heads and then he moved towards his brother, who he held his paw out to playfully. Ixion smiled to his brother and once their interaction was over, he took a seat near his slightly bigger brother.

"This looks like it might be everyone, don'tcha think, Keenan?" whispered the pale brother to his darker brother, as he let his bright blue eyes peer the room to make out the shapes and sizes of almost every cat that he could think of from Salsola, besides maybe a bunch from the hermit's place, but there had been the "big bad" that were seemingly the favorites that had been bold enough to show their mugs.

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OOC: Just Bast.

WC: 405

It was a lax decision to come here. There was promise of safety, food, and paradise. Bast was not disappointed. The dark girl with markings mimicking stale blood held up her end of the bargain. Every night, there was meat left out for her to partake in. She was free to go where she pleased and answered to no one, so long as she showed up around the tower every so often. Luperci lurked everywhere, but not a single one payed her any mind. Other felines roamed just as freely as she, some even more so, most likely having been born into this royalty. Never could the flame touched familiar have imagined life could be so...grand.

For the first several days, Bast hung low. She did little more than roam quietly around the lands and observe, listen to the idle chatter of the other cats. On the wind, she heard of the meeting.

The half moon rose into the sky, surrounded and illuminated by twinkling minions. Normally, by now, she would be back home sprawled out in front of a cozy fire with a full belly and perfectly groomed fur. Never mind that. Just as her decision to come here was remiss, so was her decision to got to this meeting. She only hoped, just as her arrival in Salsola had been, the gathering of cats would also be more than she bargained for.

White paws carried her through the snow, lifting high as to not drag through the white fluff. In this background, Bast was hard to see. Her white pelt would allow her the perfect camouflage, if not for the flame markings on her face, shoulders, and legs. Here, there was no need to blend in and she marched directly to the spot she was meant to. When she arrived, she stood before all that were already gathered. It was a hodgepodge of felines. Some much larger than her, some small enough to become her next dinner. Amber hues scanned each of them, taking a note for later. This was her new community, however little she cared. After gazing amply at each individual, Bast took a seat by herself. Her busy tail, now matted with snow, curled around her feet. Her warm tongue lapped at her chilled nose, before running over a large paw again and again. It would take her some time to tidy up the mess the snow had caused.
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