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Today was not the best day for a ritual, let alone a long one that would leave Jak waiting for results. Snow fell from the sky and dropped quietly to the earth below. A less than favorable breeze blew the freshly fallen snow up in tendrils where there was dips in the white blanket. This atmosphere felt...powerful.

Today was in fact the perfect day for this ritual. Jaketta wasn't sure whether it was the desolated feeling the winter snow left in the air, or the power the silent storm gave off. Whatever it was, the Goddess would follow her intuition no matter the cost. Jaketta alone was a mere mortal, but with Onofria guiding her she was anything but.

Jaketta gathered the necessary materials from she and her mother's home, packing everything into a basket that would need to be carried through deep snow. The ingredients ranged from fresh meat, to skinned animals, all the way to a few marbles she thought resembled a cat's eye. With all of this together, there was no doubt she would reap what this ritual sewed. There was a childlike excitement in her as she ran around the room, grabbing various jars with various herbs. She grabbed a bundle of sage, intertwined with lavender in hopes the scent would attract favorable results. The meat was the most important thing and was carefully wrapped in leather and stowed away until absolutely necessary.

One of the last things Jaketta grabbed was Coaxoch's cloak, currently her cloak for the time being. It was much warmer than anything she currently owned and she could rely on it to keep her warm in this small storm. She tossed it over her shoulders and her hands grasped it in close. Jak buried her nose into it and breathed in deeply the owner's delicious scent. This was a cloak given to her out of thoughtfulness and kindness. For the meantime, it meant everything to her. After having her moment with the article of clothing, Jaketta grabbed her basket and made her way out the door. Her mother warned her to be careful just as the door closed. Don't worry mother! Hopefully I'll back before dark! She shouted through the door of the tower. With that, she practically skipped her way through the pack lands.

The wind was cold on her skin, so she brought the hood of the cloak over her head. Her legs were wrapped in furs and her feet in leather. She only hoped that would be enough to fight off the frost bite. It would have to be if she wished to return with what she set out for. Jak ventured just outside the borders. She found a cave to make a proper fire, shielded from the elements.

Her various trinkets were laid out around the now blazing fire. She had the skulls of various small animals. One from a rabbit, one from a bird. Next to each of those, she had the body of the animal it belonged to. They were offerings. Before the fire, she had fresh meat, skinned and ready for consumption. It made her own mouth water looking at it, but it was not for her. There was a small bowl of water next to the meat, to quench the summoning's thirst. Jak drew sigils in the dirt around her, some next to items laid out and some in other well thought out locations. Every now and then, she would toss some herbs in the flame. The pleasant smell was sure to attract the right being, whatever being that may be. After all the final touches had been completed, Jak used some of the blood from her corpses to draw a sigil on her forehead, thus linking her to the ritual before her. With everything completed, Jak sat cross legged before her fire, soaking in its warmth. In this weather, that alone should have been enough to attract a lonely soul.

All that was left to do, was the spell itself. There was a bit of a chill, but it was nothing Jak couldn't handle. The last thing she brought, was some tea, to keep her warm and help with the wait. While she sipped her tea, she burned the sage and lavender to further cleanse her space. Then, the words fell from her lips in a simple melody.

I ask the Great Goddess to send me a special friend.
Bringing love that knows no beginning, and no end.
Claw and tail, and loving eyes.
Warm and gentle, wildly wise.
Let me know and let me see.
One with eyes for only me.
So mote it ever be.

The minutes began to fleet by, then turned to hours, until the sun cast its warm afternoon glow through the mouth of the cave. It looked like she wasn't going to get back before dark, hopefully her mother wasn't too worried.

It became late and the moon shone its light against the bright snow, illuminating the land for miles to come. It was time now to rest, for she was not going to leave empty handed. Jak curled up in the giant cloak and let sleep take her.

It didn't take long for dreams to come, dreams about various creatures she gallivanted with. Beasts twice her size which she rode as steeds, all friendly and all interested in her. They were otherworldly, with horns, wings, spines, feathers, and more. Each beast was unique its own way, each more interesting than the last. They played for what seemed like hours, in this world so very unlike her own. The sky was various shades of pastel colors. The ground was emerald green, and the trees radiant shades of red. There were stars up ahead, twinkling like mini suns in the strange bright sky. When she grew tired, she curled up with a large cat like creature with pelt that mimicked fire, though was only warm to the touch and felt like velvet against her own.

Then she woke.

Something pressed against her head, against the cloak that shielded her from the cold. Jak rose, slowly and lay blood and gold orbs on a large cat. This one was very much different than the one in her dream, but there were similarities. Its fur was white, like the snow on the ground, but there was touches of flame on its pelt. Its eyes were a brilliant orange, big and bright with wisdom and curiosity. Hello? She questioned, as the cat rubbed against her again and then sauntered off to take part in more of the meat. Half of it was already consumed. Are you, my familiar? How long was I out? She talked, fully expecting the cat to talk back as many of them seemed to do.

Long enough. The beast said and her eyes widened. A grin spread across her face like wildfire. You didn't answer my first question. Are you my familiar? The cat remained quiet, gnawing away at the warm meat. Will you stay with me? I come from a great and powerful kingdom. You are promised to be safe and fed. You won't have to worry about outside threats, ever. It will be a paradise, suitable for one so stunning as yourself. The cat licked its chops, raising its head from the feast. Orange hues cast over her like a second sunset. There was a long moment of silence before she was given an answer. You, promise that? Big promises. Jak huffed and rose her brow. You have obviously never been. Jak began to pack up her things. The cat stayed, eating what was left of the meal she offered and lapped at the cold water in the bowl.

I'll go. Jak's smile widened even further and she hurried to finish organizing so they could be on their way. You won't be disappointed. All that is required of you, is companionship. What is your name? The cat walked over to her, rubbing against her legs again, clearly pleased with what she'd found today.

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