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This was not exactly how Zuri planned her life with Baelish to be starting out. Everything seemed to be going so well for them, what between their confession with one another at the ball, the agreement to becoming mates with one another, and their time spent moving everything from his home into her own... nothing could possibly go wrong. Even the evening started to go alright.. her taking care of organizing the last few things while he was working on their meal...

Then that certain smell began to creep back into her nose. Rotting flesh was not too terribly uncommon around Mortimer... especially when Viper was carrying around his dead son's head during the time he was punishing his other two sons. Their culture was built around blood and sacrifice, so much to the point that the sight and smell didn't phase her all that much.

It wasn't until her mate was vomiting that she began to worry. As far as she knew, both of them were in good health, and nothing at the Ball seemed dangerous. So why was it all happening?

Deciding it may be better to sleep on it, the pale woman had taken the rest of their waking time in the evening to fix up her bed, making room for him. It was nice that her home already had a bare bed waiting for her, and some of the finer cloth from Mortimer had made for nice coverings. Just in case the old bedding had been too rough, she had laid down a lining of furs for the both of them. Waiting for Baelish to come join her, she removed her dress, curling along at his side.

Zuri woke in the middle of the night. Granted, she was used to being awake at night from sleeping during the day... but when she did sleep at night, she tended to sleep more than she did now. She rose onto her feet, leaving the bedroom as she made her way to the kitchen. Her body leaned forward, arms resting along the worn away counter. She felt her body shake, and intense feeling of cold surrounding her. One hand moved up to her head, feeling a terrible headache coming on.

In an instant, her head shifted to the side, pressing on towards the outside of her house. Her breath was low, softly panting as she wandered onto the street. Her eyes stared forward, blankly as she looked around in the darkness.

Why was she suddenly so hungry?

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The sickness that had taken over him was so strong and vicious that he couldn’t fight it. As soon as Zuri had put together a place for him to lay his head, he had done so. Feeling hollow, both in body and spirit, Baelish had fallen into a dreamless sleep, all black, like death itself.

It was only the stirring of his mate that brought him back to the land of the living, and then so groggily. Still paralyzed with unconsciousness, he was only vaguely aware of her lithe figure slipping from the bedcovers, and it was only moments after, when the warmth of her body drained from beside him, that he was finally able to pull himself awake. Still, he felt like he had been hit with a ton of bricks, and struggled to pull his legs over the side of the bed.

Baelish sat there, on the edge, shaking as he tried to get a hold of himself. He felt terribly ill, but in such a way he had never felt before. He was sure that it hadn’t been his stew, for Zuri did not suffer in the same way he had.

Zuri. Where was she?

Finding the strength to stand, Baelish fumbled around in the dark, his eyes not yet adjusted. He hit his foot against the edge of some piece of furniture and cursed out; thankfully, the pain helped to knock some sense into him. Suddenly alert, his umber eyes darted around looking for his wife, but she was gone.

He made his way into the main living space of the room and saw that the door was open, and snow was blowing inside. What was she doing, going out at this time? He supposed the bat in her was calling, but her bats were safely sleeping in the small room down the hall – he followed her out.

The world outside was pale, lit only against the snow fall. No stars, only a pinkish haze against the low sky – it was eerie. He saw her white form, naked, in the street, standing slightly hunched. Fear gripped him against the throat, and he felt as if he couldn't breathe, but he managed to call into the seeming void of night, "Zuri!"

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Rupert hated when Ginny got high, so she had not brought much with her from Portland when they left. She figured she would somehow find something to smoke once she got here, but so far that had not been the case. Although she had not really been looking too hard or asking around, either.

Tonight, she decided to sneak out and use the last bit of her stash. Hopefully with a couple of hours of wandering around after she was finished, her fur would not smell like smoke enough to bother Rupert. As much as she rolled her eyes at his delicate sensibilities, they shared a home and she did not intend to make it entirely unpleasant for him. It did not mean she was going to completely refrain from smoking and drinking, but she could do her best to minimize the effects it had on him. It also meant not making him take care of her during her fun.

The air was brisk and chilly as she sashayed away from their house. It was a nice night, all things considered, and although Ginny's longish fur usually kept her plenty warm, she would have preferred it to be a bit higher temperature out. Maybe warm enough that she did not see her breath in front of her face with each exhale. That was usually a comfortable temperature.

The quiet was a bit eerie, too, but Ginny decided that she could attribute that to the weird things that had been going on. She wondered if it had been happening for a long time and she and Rupert were only just now experiencing it, or if it was new. Surely if it was ongoing, someone would have mentioned it, even in passing, or to ask what they thought of it in their new home. But no, nothing like that had happened.

Now, with the eerie relative silence, Ginny was tempted to just head back home and smoke some other time. An owl hooted, but the sound felt muffled by the snow and stillness. She glanced around to see if she could spot it, but it remained out of sight.

It was a shout that truly pierced the silence and Ginny about jumped out of her skin. Her hackles rose and her ears were pulled back as she spun around, looking for where the voice had come from. It was nothing like the whispers she had heard, and she found herself whining quietly. What if someone was in trouble? She wanted to go home, but if she did that and then found out someone was hurt...

With a sigh, Ginny secured her bag on her shoulder before trotting down the crumbling road, and soon enough she came across a male pack member. She thought that she had seen him around, but she did not know his name.

"What's wrong?" Ginny asked. He looked upset, but as she quickly glanced around, she did not immediately see anything that would upset him. "Are you alright?"
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Frigid cold and a familiar voice had woken him. Once outside it was not hard to spot his brother, out in the snow and looking like death warmed over. For a moment he hesitated, but there was a look to his brother that had him moving to the younger male. Fear...panic? Perhaps a mixture of both. "Baelish" he said as he got close enough to be heard, and it was only then that he saw the darker female also in his brothers company. Feeling a little nervous with the presence of someone he didn't know he focused on his sick looking sibling. "What happened?" he was sure he had heard the other grey male call out for Zuri.

Zuri was familiar to him, she was the one he had helped get cloth for her bats. A white furred female, and he recalled now that the two had announced their intent to mate at the ball. It was strange to think of his little brother being mated and possibly having pups. That would make himself a uncle, the thought did not entirely displease Malfoy. Looking around he did not see any sign of white and sighed gently "Shall we look for her? You should rest perhaps, you look like hell brother" he was only concerned about his sibling and would stay behind if it meant that the other D'Angelo would rest...then again the others wife was missing, and he would likely not rest. "If you insist on joining the search...at least stay within my sight okay?"

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Zuri had no idea where it was that she was heading... all she knew was that she needed something to eat. She was so... so very hungry. It hadn't dawned on her to question why she was feeling way... just that it was something that she needed to take care of. She had gone out into the street, unaware that her mate had woken up behind her. Her goal was set on its own, and if there wasn't going to be any food here.. then she was going to have to track it down.

The pale woman paused after she had wandered further into the snowy darkness. It was someone yelling. Was it for her? Why? Why would anyone be calling out to her? Even so, it had been enough for her to stop in her tracks.

Voices. Food.

She hadn't moved much further back in the direction she had come, rather... stalking almost towards their position. Why make a search when what she was looking for was right in front of her? As she drew near, one hand moved along a nearby tree, claws dragging along the bark.

Hungry... Hungry. "Hungry...

Zuri paused, enough for her demonic red gaze to shine in the darkness. Head focused on the small group that was ahead of her... all be it a bit of a distance between them. Her hands seemed to flex a bit, anticipating them all. A small hint of drool began to lace her lips, dulled eyes doing nothing but staring ahead as her voice seemed to echo on the wind, "Hungry... I'm so... hungry..."

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And then, he lost sight of her.

It was easy to, she was white in a world of white, and between the falling flakes, and his state, there was no way he could hold onto her; she was like a ghost.

Baelish was about to run headlong into the road, and into the woods if need be, in the last direction she had been, but instead he was distracted by someone approaching it. It was a dark female wolf, someone he did not recognize, but she smelled like the pack – a new pack mate he supposed. She asked if he was alright, and before he could answer his brother appeared as well; it must have been his call for Zuri, and the fear laced within his voice, that had gathered them.

Malfoy also asked what happened, but was quicker to pick up on the situation. Zuri’s paw-prints were clear in the snow, and Malfoy suggested they go and look. Baelish clutched at him, "She’s in danger!" He said frantically, still not fully within his right mind. All he could image was Zuri in the woods being torn to shreds by the stag torso demon.

And then, before the haphazard party could even begin the search, she reappeared from the tree-line. Baelish looked at her, and did not see Zuri; it was her body, but not her. Her ruby eyes were like blood-drops sunken into her face, she did not carry herself correctly. Hands like claws she was moving towards them, speaking in a voice that did not belong to her.

Still clutching onto his brother, Baelish trembled, "It’s not her, it’s not her!" He said in absolute fear.

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OOC: Nyla lives not too far from the township and could possibly save Zuri from the woods and have her over for food. She was up late curing a rabbit hide anyways. She has a pot of stew she had made from the meat.
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Nyla had heard the cries and howls of others close by and stopped midway though her curing of two rabbit hides to see what all the commotion was, wrapping her cloak around her lithe frame. She hadn't lit the torches in the hall way the night before, only the ones around her central sleeping area and quickly lit two for warmth and light, one being lit midway down the small hallway leading to the outside of her cave and another she had placed at the entrance after Cottongrass had stumbled upon her cave as a way of marking that someone lived there. She grabbed a third one lit it using the one she had lit at her entrance and picked up one of her escima for protection before stepping out into the frozen night.

It was late in the night and the healer felt something was off, something was wrong as she trudged towards the street where she had last heard the voices. Nyla had almost made it to the road when she heard a woman's voice close by. "Hungry...Im so...Hungry" the voice seemed to say and Nyla changed direction, instead trying to find who ever had spoken. She hoped that if it was a pack member they weren't seriously injured or hurt in anyway. She would do her best to help them if they were but she didn't know how long they might have been out in this frigid cold. Good thing her cave wasn't too far away.

"Who's There?! If you are in need of food or shelter I can help you!" she called out to the voice, hoping that who ever it was might find her and seek help and warmth from the cold. She waved her torch in the ever pressing darkness of the forest, hoping it served as a guiding light to who ever might be out there.
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