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[000] David vs Goliath ROUND 2

The pair of Grey and white were an inseparable and finely meshed duo, the small and lightning fast femme and her tall and grizzled swordsman foil, they were quite familiar with each-other, they worked well together, and they were the two most experienced minds and bodies in all of the order, even if age was creeping up on the grumpy historian and the stresses of war and battle had begun to dim the light of life from the fighter.

They were still unmatched as a team, with her years of hard combat training and experience, and his tactical mind and physical strength, it wasn't uncommon for the order to send the pair out far past their borders on missions of scouting and diplomacy, always looking for new means to trade and new allies to work with, these goals being the driving force that found the pair headed to Amherst, but while they were there, there was always the hidden motivation in both of their minds to try and find a pair of hybrids, the coyote siblings, Nyx's eldest pair of children, who had disappeared during the attack which had destroyed the pack they had all called home, along with the monster who had sired them.

Nyx stared off appearing a bit absentminded as the pair approached the once bustling city known as Amherst, amethyst gaze falling upon the grandiose structures which stood sprawling there, unlike anything the snow vixen had ever seen before, unlike the village, unlike Halifax, unlike, even, the ruined castle to the south, or the abbey in the mountains. These were tall sweeping and broad structures covered in intricate stonework and the scent of strange canines everywhere. Glancing up at her mate, the sometimes stoic little fighter shot him with a somewhat longing and hopeful gaze. "Do you think we'll ever find them?" She asked with a soft breathlessness to her voice, a cloud of smoke pooling from her muzzle as she exhaled.

It was then that Nyx would have noticed that they weren't quite alone, there was the scent of a canine, male, she couldn't identify a pack scent, but it was familiar nonetheless, the petite mother just couldn't seem to pinpoint from where she had scented this male, until she spotted him, and the hairs along her spine rose with her sharp intake of breath, the air rumbling deep within her chest.

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