Decided to go the long way

POSTED: Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:11 pm

Walking this way was longer after all, but the land bridge had been so close to the Vale that she had not trusted it. With a pack so close to that part of the land, she didn't want to risk accidentally getting too close to the border or even going over it trying to get to the area where the court rested. Sighing she looked to the mountains that were so much closer now. This would be a good spot to try and get some mountain goats, which had good pelts for outfits. Scratching her neck, she shrugged and moved away from the mountains, keeping them in mind for the future. For now she was running out of time to reach the pack before her time of heat came. Though she could stand to be in the open when it came, she would prefer if she could gain even temporary shelter with a pack of wolves.

The court felt like the best bet so far, since she knew someone who lived among them already. Tora would surely let her stay as her guest, though they would not share the same room during that time. Shaking her head, she chose to leave those worries for later. Barton landed on her shoulder after getting some food for himself. Yvonne looked to him momentarily as she kept traveling. There was a scent on the air that meant a canine was nearby, though the scent seemed singular. That meant it was a loner, or just lived separate from a pack. Either way that was a little easier on her, since she was more willing to meet one canine over a group of them.

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