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POSTED: Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:59 pm

All things truly wicked start from Innocence

It was nice to have members of the Cartel closer to home rather than at their camp over towards the west. It meant that she could still be out to hang out with them and still be back home in Salsola in much better timing than she would have been otherwise. The trip out further was tiring to say the least... especially without having a horse to make the journey with. Then again, that was part of the reason she had assisted to get Spitfire. Now she would have someone...

Just so long as he would let her ride him.

As much time as Dahlia spent with the members of the Cartel, some of their habits were starting to rub off on her, though in small bits of course. She had to keep herself under control while there were children to be watching over. She couldn't come back under and sort of influence. That would not be right for them... and it wouldn't do good for someone like her in Salsola.

Even so, the Bar was a place that the coyote had passed a number of times when making her way out to the Cartel, but never really stopped inside since her time spent there with Virue. No doubt the heads of the place were not keen on having her come back considering the last time she had been here... she had taken one of he stools and beaten it over the back of a wolf's head. It wasn't even that she was prone to violent tendencies... but they had no right to mock her friend and she was simply standing up for him.

Dahlia had taken a spot further away from the crowd, having already spent a fair amount of time with them. There was someone else she seemed to have her eyes one. Once Boone's head shifted in her direction, she moved one finger up, motioning for him to come join her.

Backdated to the time around the bar thread? Let me know if there is anything you want me to change. +300 words.

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