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POSTED: Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:47 am

Greed seemed just as confused as her, a similar expression plastered on his face. His maw opened, as if to say something else but no words left his lips. The Hushhowl woman asked a simple question, not understanding why he couldn't stop thinking about her, but also wondering why she had often thought of him when it had been just a short meeting between the two of them.

She couldn't explain what it was she was feeling, this fluttering feeling in her stomach, this nervousness, it just didn't make sense. She hadn't ever felt this way around anyone else before, so why was it different now? The earthen toned male seemed just as lost as she, claiming he wasn't sure just yet why he thought of her so often but that was why he was there. He reiterated once more that he was not there for Night and stating that she was more interesting than she thought. Once again, Dusk was left feeling unsure what to say. Pools of blue and gold fixed on his fiery hues before noticing the grin on his face as he spurred his horse on, taking off ahead of her in the direction they were already heading. Without another thought, she urged Oakley on as well, taking off after the man. She did her best to catch up to the man, racing him back to her own home. A wide smile spread across her lips as she looked over to the man across from her. It didn't take much longer before she pulled her stead back down into a walk as they entered the Hushhowl camp. Everything in the immediate vicinity smelled of Hushhowls and she attempted to scent the air to see who all was still home at the moment. Night, her two kids, and Borya were definitely all home, but she wasn't quite sure who else was. Dusk urged her horse forward towards the small lean-to stable and dismounted before ridding Oakley of her saddle and other adornments as she glanced back over at Greed, waiting to see what he might say first.
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