Life is Only 10% of What Happens to You

And 90% of How You React to it

POSTED: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:10 pm

Donned in only his rough pants, the Hushhowl son of light moved through the trails beneath the trees. His paws stepped at the snow, and he was discovering how delightful it was to have warm, dry arms during travel. In his hands was a stick he'd gone and used as a mock sword, and he couldn't help but find the occasional adversary along the way. A jutting branch? Whack, crack! A stone in the path? He'd pick up and swing away. He was so excited to become something within Casa that he hadn't gone as far as to figure what that something was.

Of course, Honrin was sure to help him with that.

Mentor, Honrin of the Brotherhood. Could he have gotten any luckier?

His grin was wide as he walked into the Denali-Wolfe camp and he met Jace's eye. Cheek to cheek, he grinned at her,” Kanyana, Terokla!” Svinka, spoken fluently by her teachings. Yet, he wasn't here to see her today and she was bound to know why that was. With a puffed up chest, despite his lanky frame, he squared his shoulders and marched toward the Wetu, seeking out a familiar white wolfdog,” Hoooeenreeeiin,” Beckoning his mentor, he stood a the wetu's door and peeked inside, looking for his might mentor.

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