Beauty is power; a smile is its sword


POSTED: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:37 pm

Evening came and he was a little disappointed in the fact that Honrin and he hadn't found the perfect weapon for him, yet. He wanted something big, and mighty, but Honrin didn't have anything like that which he could use, or practice with. Going off to the storage, he found a few swords, which seemed to fit, but they were small and he'd lie if he said he wasn't being finicky. A knife, a sword and a bow were all that came to him as usable, but neither one of them really struck him as the perfect thing.

It was the vision of Howland and his huge staff that brought an idea into his mind. A small blade on the end of a long stick seemed like a mighty weapon, but what if he could swap those two around? A large blade on a short stick. A huge sword. As big as him! His heart fluttered at the notion, and to the Denali-Wolfe camp he went to the only man he knew would be able to give him something like that and likely take just as much delight in it as well. The visions of how grand a Brotherhood Knight he would be if he managed to master such a weapon as that!

“Tieeemooo,” Pushok's head popped out of the brush as he tip toed into the camp, looking around for the man that was pretty much their Grandfather. While he wasn't as strict as Jace seemed to be, he knew that the man might take a liking to the idea he had in mind,” Tiemooo, ahre yeu hiere teudaey?” Standing in the center of camp, he turned about to find the man who always seemed to be working on one thing or another, with his heart bursting. He couldn't wait to ask him what he had in store for his weapon.

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