Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters.


POSTED: Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:03 am

Time was the great solvent of all, the solvent of life that molded and changed the individual throughout their time in this realm, from cradle to the grave. That solvent had been especially influential on Arthur Knight, especially through these last few years of maturity as he neared middle age and after his brother left him to… ugh… get married of all things. The changes brought on by time is what he would use as his excuse for the extreme stupidity he was about to exercise as he peered at the Hushhowl family home with curious cobalt eyes.

The threshold stood well built and inviting and, after all, Arthur was in Casa di Cavalieri, his true home and no longer the ruthless grounds of the Portland Outpost. It should have crossed his mind that a family lived here and probably a family that he didn’t know, or more importantly, that didn’t know him. It probably did cross his mind, but Arthur was so curious about the little mound, this strange unique subterranean territory, and also so preoccupied with milking his recent arrival and time of indolence so he didn’t have to do any work, that he let the obvious trouble slip his mind. It could just be an empty storehouse really even though an old storehouse didn’t need a lean-to or a fresh, acrid fire pit or any of the trappings of a livable place, like this did. Hell, he brought many items back from the outpost, maybe if a family lived here he could see what they needed, give them a good deal or a present. Anyway, pack was family and didn’t the wolves of old enjoy a shared cave? How different could this be?

Clad in a well fitted pair of black pants and an offwhite men’s medieval blouse with his fur-lined winter coat drawn about him, Arthur squared his shoulders and trod slowly across the threshold of the home. He knew not what family lived here or what people frequented the place, though of course the scent was familiar because they were from Casa after all. There seemed to be nobody present in the main room, just a dim space with light filtering in from the two entrances and the embers of a fire smoldering its final brilliance in the center of the home.

“Not bad. Not bad at all,” Arthur muttered to himself, now forgetting the fact that he probably walked into somebody’s home as he admired the little place. He supposed it was something the family built together, it didn’t seem like an old or reclaimed place, a good effort. A hand reached out to gently brush a support beam that bore the weight of one wall and he nodded his approval. A soft smile graced his muzzle as he mused at what it would be like to have a family home like this. After all middle age was fast approaching and he needed to soon either have the lain seed bear fruit or give up on the notion entirely.


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POSTED: Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:08 am

It had been an early morning for the single mother. Little Borya had woken well before even the sun, hunger aching the poor boys belly. Unfortunately, their stores were rather low at the moment, at least of foods soft enough for the young pup to be able to eat. Dried meats were just a little too tough. So in the wee hours of the morning, the two-toned fae left the boy with her sister, Night, and her two young-ins as she set out for a short hunt.

The Hushhowl matriarch shifted down to four paws, an easier form for hunting small prey. She didn't need much at the moment after all, just something to fill her son's belly. It didn't take long for her to track down and collect a rabbit, heading back with the creature dangling from her jaws. It was a bit thin, but it would do well enough.

Dusk arrived back at the den as morning light broke through the sky. Other family members were starting to stir and prepare for the day as she took Borya into the smaller private sleeping area, setting the rabbit down and breaking it into smaller, more manageable chunks for the boy. Mismatched eyes watched her son as he finished eating, cleaning himself and the den up a bit before getting him back to sleep as the rest of her family left to attend to their own chores for the day. The Hushhowl woman shifted back into her optime form, stretched her legs out a bit before snuggling up to her son and slowly drifting back off to sleep herself.

Her peaceful sleep was abruptly interrupted by the voice of a strange man. Fully alert to what was going on, she ensured Borya was still sound asleep as she rose to her feet. Her nose was trained onto the scent, not completely recognizing it, though there was some slight familiarity to it, but not enough for her to recognize this as a trusted member of Casa and not a male intruder in her home. Lips pulled back into a snarl, a soft growl bubbling in her throat as she peered around the corner. The man who stood on the other side of the room was not someone she recognized by any means. With a snarl, she charged towards him, fists raised and attempting to throw a series of punches. The Hushhowl matriarch didn't bother to ask questions just yet, she simply wanted this strange man out of her home and away from her son.
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