Less a Gem than a Stone


POSTED: Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:37 am

The stones crunched and shifted, even beneath the snow, as the pair traveled high up onto the Serpentine Mountains. He'd found a soul in Searsport, selling some sort of stone with an olive hue, claiming it to be from the mountains. Truth be told, it seemed like the rare stone jade, without as much color and filled with dark stripes, but he'd only red about the material in books and seen musty old pictures. If there was something up here that could pass for it? Well, wouldn't that be a delightful thing to trade out for goods if he could figure how to polish it?

In late winter, it was everything they needed.

Jumping down from Cochise, he tied the horse to one of the last remaining trees for the sake of the stallion's safety and trekked the rest of the hike on foot with nothing more than what was always on him and a sack over his shoulder.

The winding trail through the snow lead straight to him as he moved through the growing stones, the land near barren and remarkably flat at it's peak. There, he hunkered down, bending at the knee and shoveling the snow with his hands. He was lucky there wasn't any wind today, or he'd be a icicle for sure! It took a bit of work, and with some frigid digits later, he plucked a small stone from the wet earth.

Lifting it above his head, he turned it in the light. It was dull and muddy, but the faintest notion of green rested underneath the dirty surface,” Well, I'll be,” He murmured and tucked it in his sack, digging back down into the earth with far more vigor. If he could help the Posse in any real way, this would be the way to do it!

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POSTED: Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:19 am

OOC: Have a nosey Eliza (w/a side of Sidonia the golden eagle)!

“This was a bad idea,” Eliza grumbled. Unfortunately her words fell on deaf ears – or rather the twitching and swivelling ears of a horse who couldn’t understand what she was saying. Flod walked doggedly onward even as the ground shifted into an incline. Liz was thankful, not for the first time, that her gelding was sure of foot.

Truthfully, the dog couldn’t remember why she’d thought it a good idea to investigate any farther North than the Chokehold. Never, in her tenure as a Krokaran Navigator, had she been curious enough about the Serpentine Mountains to go out and scout them. Then again, there were lots of things she’d never done in Krokar that she had done since. She had only herself and her bad dreams to blame for this little excursion – and only herself to try and divert her thoughts from the dark path they might otherwise take.

The dog glanced upward where the shape of an eagle soared. How she envied Sidonia her grace – and her sharp eyes. The bird dipped and Liz drew Flod to a halt alongside a rather frail-looking spruce, waiting on their companion’s descent.

“Barren,” Sidonia muttered around the chunk of meat Liz had tossed into her expectant beak. “Ahead.”

Liz’s head turned, her eyes narrowing as she looked up the mountainside. The place seemed less than friendly, perhaps because it was lacking in vegetation. Even so, there was something about it that warranted investigation.

“Go on, then – ahead,” she instructed the golden eagle as she swung down from Flod’s back and made her way uphill.

After trudging some distance the dog was surprised to find the ground flattening again – and still more surprised to find the scent of another canine on the frigid air. Some way ahead she spotted him, holding something up to the light, and Eliza allowed her limbs to cease their trudging. Her arms crossed over her chest and she squinted at the strange man.


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