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AW :: Arthur needs help picking a room

POSTED: Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:30 pm

Arthur felt it was time to pick a residence and show his leader that he was back here for good, no more plans to spirit away after being left by this family member or that. He knew by law of the pack that he did not qualify for one of the houses or workshops in the town square yet, magnificent as a lone property like that would be to own, so for now he must make do with one of the room in the Courthouse. Someplace to call home and to stash some of his wares until he either sold them or gifted them to the others in his pack who may need them. Gifting them would raise him in their good graces, which was useful, but he also didn’t want to seem false and buy his pack’s love. Selling them, well, while that was a bit more genuine it also might seem a bit selfish. But he was a man starting over in this place, he needed to reestablish himself and it was about time that he became a useful member of the pack by working some kind of job, and deep inside Arthur was sure that his mundane job would be that of a Merchant, while his more glorious job would be as a fighter, though that particular status would have to wait. Arthur didn’t much feel like going out and picking a fight just to prove himself just yet.

The man’s large paws thudded gently upon the steps as he moved upon the staircase to the level where the common rooms were found. “A temporary situation, to be sure, chap,” he reassured himself as he peered down the split hallway that led to the various dwellings. Problem now was that he didn’t want to go barging in on some family here and knowing his luck that’s exactly what he would be doing. Perhaps the rooms that were vacant would lie open or have some other indicator. Arthor began padding slowly through the level peering at any slighty-opened door for signs of love or abandonment, trying to discern what rooms might be available to himself.

Mrrr came a noise behind him and Arthur's specked ear twitched as he turned around to see the ugly cat standing behind him. There was no suppressing the grin that always came to his muzzle whenever The Cow appeared even though he loved to pretend to hate her. She padded over with disinterest and pushed her way into one of the rooms but still Arthur was uncertain about shoving the door open the rest of the way and possibly breeching someone's home.


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POSTED: Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:27 pm

So many days Munroe had been frustratingly restless and in need of some activity in which to keep himself busy rather than remaining idle and come across as an unproductive individual. Granted for the most part he had spent quite a bit of time simply doing small odd jobs for Morty, but it had been something and could count towards something in a way couldn't it? And if it did not then there were many other ways to make up for that particular detail.

Stepping carefully through the courthouse after removing himself from the company of Morty lest she somehow found some use for him that was less than appealing did an ear twitch at what had first thought was potentially just the old building creaking. The voice in which followed confirmed otherwise, though nothing new his curiosity was aroused and rather continuing upon his previously decided route did the golden male instead head towards the rooms. Reaching the level that held some of the rooms kept for any to claim as their own did Munroe take little time in spotting Arthur and the feline in which were beside the other male, puzzlement as to what the other male were doing poking around the rooms rather than simply entering one did it tug Munroe nearer. "Arthur? You ok up here pal?" he called curiously and cheerily before stepping nearer.

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