From the moonlight


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It was funny to Rozenn how light came in different colors. The sun's light was sometimes yellow, sometimes red, sometimes white. The moon was always a silvery-washed color that stained everything monochrome. And fire stained everything red. Though it had been months since that fire red had filled everything in her vision, Rozenn still found herself avoiding it as much as possible. So while her companions huddled around the large campfire for warmth, the newly found Noel amongst them, Rozenn huddled in the doorway of an open railcar.

Her long dark curls fell over her shoulders and over her breasts, tinted in shades of copper by the distant light. The purple scarf that she'd hidden like a treasure during Noel's absence was tied loosely around her neck, the folding of it created dancing shadows across her throat. As ever, she was a pretty little thing, barely over five feet tall. Even with coyote companions, she still felt dwarfed by all those around her.

From the distance though, she could pretend that she was on equal standing with them. They sat or crouched and laughed together. Noel scowled at something someone had said and there was an eruption of laughter. Rozenn giggled. She didn't have to know what had been said, she was just happy at the occasion. She just hoped it could stay this way forever. Some part of her worried that this too would only be temporary.

Gave away her soul to buy a bit of pleasure, the bitter pleasure

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