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Fundy Natl. Park

POSTED: Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:31 am

Anyone welcome! Set midday in Fundy Natl. Park!

xxxxxxxxAfter two hours of slow travel due to the deep drifts of snow clogging the path, Adonis felt as if it was time to just give up any hopes of decent headway for the day and make something of a camp. There was no point in slogging through to make it ten more miles; there was no destination. No point to any of this, really. He didn't stop to consider this crisis of self. He never did. Something just kept pushing him to keep going, keep going, keep going; like a heartbeat in his ears. That same Gods-be-damned voice that never stopped; conscience or not, he was four years tired of it.

xxxxxxxxHe came to a stop next to a stream which, thankfully, still flowed despite the chill. Adonis bent down to his knees and placed his hands (hands—he'd never get used to this body; what a sinful thing it was) against the cool stone. He took a moment to take stock of his surroundings, keen eyes scanning the nearest woodland for any sign of movement or threat and ears swiveling slowly atop his head. Nothing notable was nearby, and if he was to be ambushed, so be it. He was too tired to care. He knelt down to lap at the gurgling stream, drinking deep the fresh water of the woodland.

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Posting from work so forgive the lack of fancy tableness :)

Thorn rarely left home with a destination in mind. Often he would begin wandering and gain a destination while he traveled; perhaps even after reaching the destination he would realize that it had been his destination all along. Today was one of those days. This was a day where he slogged through snow and fatigue only to realize that the park had been where he wanted to go right from the start. Perhaps if he had known he would have tossed the idea aside and thought it too foolish to chase after. It wasn't the best day to go wandering around; he had realized with a grimace, the cold wind and lack of proper body fat did little to make him comfortable. In his normal Optime form the white Russian kept his denim jacket wrapped tightly around him, hoping the thick fabric would aid him in keeping the worst chills at bay. The article of clothing was doing an okay job, fair service at best, and his undercoat which had come in thick this year, helped to fill in the gaps where the old jacket failed to hold up its end of the agreement. Salt and pepper fur ruffled against the cold, black-tipped tail wagging occasionally and then wrapping itself around him like a serpent.

Catching scent of another creature Thorn momentarily lost his thoughts, bringing himself to a more alert status as aging ears perked and green eyes looked for something, anything, that might signal another lupine to have a good conversation with. A few more long steps from the tall Luperci and something caught his attention. Adjusting his messenger bag that was slung across his body he walked in what he hoped was the path of least resistance. Stopping after about five minutes he brushed the snow from his kilt, and readjusted the hat that had seen him through many winters like this. He could just imagine his son chastising him about venturing out into this deep snow at his age. ‘At his age’ was a phrase that Chatory'a had begun to use with alarming frequency. Thorn knew he was aging, he also knew that with age comes experience and he wouldn't trade his experiences for any quick moving body in the world. He grinned like a Cheshire cat for a moment as more mature thoughts entered his mind. Dulling down his smile to more of a friendly grin instead of a lecherous one he crossed the few more feet between him and the other creature (while still maintaining a respectful distance) and gave a little bark to announce his presence.

Perhaps it was rude to interrupt the other while he was drinking but he also didn't like the idea of the stranger drowning because Thorn was trying to be friendly. That would never go over well. He could wait.

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No worries! Thanks for joining. :D

xxxxxxxxHe hummed as the cool water quenched his parched throat. The stream was a welcome respite from a long, harried journey. Adonis closed his eyes for a moment as he listened to the quiet of the forest, and the delicate tinkling of the stream as it rolled down to the sea. But the serenity was broken by the obvious sound of footfall crunching into the snow, and the sound of a bark on the wind that followed soon after. The pale princeps whipped his head up and stared, wide-eyed, at the Luperci that stood a few yards off. The fur down his spine bristled, and he immediately realized the vulnerable position he was in.
xxxxxxxxDespite this, he was far too captivated to move. Standing before him was a wolf that was garbed in strange... pelts? Adonis was not certain they were pelts. The kilt and the coat were interesting enough, but his attention was then drawn to the worn fedora atop the older male's head, and the strap that connected to a bag on his side. He was still too ignorant of the new world he found himself in to know the names of the clothing, only that it was unnatural and the sight made his heart flutter with nervous tension. The older male seemed friendly, but Adonis wasn't sure.
xxxxxxxxHis experience with other Luperci was anything but kind, and so he merely remained crouched, frozen with anticipation; waiting for the other to act.

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Thorn wouldn't admit it but he often practiced his reactions in conversation before they happened. He had already gone through a few ways the conversation may go when the beige male finally turned towards him after his little bark. When the other Luperci turned from the water source Thorn waited for the words to come too. He would ask a question perhaps and Thorn would answer with a witty quip. They would laugh together perhaps or it could turn bad. Instead the stranger that he didn't want to accidentally drown with his presence seemed shell-shocked.

The white Russian quickly looked over his shoulder expecting to see horrible things behind him but when he saw nothing he turned his gaze to himself. He didn't seem imposing, yes he was tall but so was the other Luperci! It wasn't his coloring that the other feared but perhaps his clothing? He didn't see clothing anywhere on or around the other male and so he took off his hat with one paw while letting his smile linger. He remembered his first time landing on the coast with the other pirates and how then the resident wolves hadn't really seen clothing on a Luperci before. Some had even feared their odd accoutrements. Perhaps this was just a repeat of that meeting all over again. "I'm Thorn Russo, of Vinatta. I guess by your scent you haven't found a permanent home yet." He dropped his head to fiddle with a pocket on his kilt again, pulling out a very small piece of rabbit jerky and holding it out to the other. "Token of goodwill from my family."

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Thorn is a sweetheart. :)
xxxxxxxxAdonis flexed his fingers against the snow-covered rock, soothed by the feeling that he could run away if he felt threatened enough. The other seemed to be wallowing in the deep drifts, evidenced by the grooves in the snow that indicated the path that led him here. A single ear twisted forward as the older wolf looked behind him, clearly expecting to see something horrifying or dangerous, not realizing that the thing was, in fact, himself. Adonis felt wholly alienated by the simple action, and further flattened his ears out of shame. This wolf was not aggressive, nor dangerous; just a friendly soul that happened to pass by.
xxxxxxxxBut the stranger was not deterred. The old wolf forged ahead with an introduction and offering of dried meat from his pack. Vinatta? Adonis' nose flared at the smell, and he looked from Thorn's face, to his outstretched hand, before sighing gently. "I apologize, Thorn. I am not used to seeing wolves with..." He leaned back on his haunches and gestured with a free hand to the hat in Thorn's other hand, and the bag at his hip. "Adornments." He finished lamely.
xxxxxxxxWith cautious fingers, he took the meat and brought it to his mouth for a bite. It was chewy, but nourishing and, if he was honest with himself, delicious. Adonis swallowed and spoke, "This is quite good. My gratitude to you and yours. My name is Adonis Nero, and I am formerly of the west where the ocean and land meet." He said, a small smile touching the corners of his lips. "What brings you out in this weather?"

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