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POSTED: Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:40 am

[[Backdated March 1st]]

The morning was frosty still as winters hold weakened, but still prevailed, on the Court. Snow no longer lingered on the earth as it was washed away by warmer waters and flurries couldn't cling to anything more than the morning dew. It was a glimmering, beautiful sight, but not one for Ezra to enjoy. Flying through the hill homes like lightning, Ezra glided over the mound homes atop Cresum. Mud and ice flung up behind them in his mad rush, and he'd nearly leapt from the mare's back. Stumbling on his bad foot, he nearly lost his balance, but a hand on the earth righted him as he darted into the house. The door slammed wide and a shout rang throughout,” It's time!”

He was only within the home for a few moments. Bursting out of the door, arms full of blankets and a sack of special meal, he hopped atop Cresum and darted off again. They were but a blur on the backdrop of the sleepy hillside dwellings, and their tracks lead straight to Niobrara.

Fantasy, within her stall, huffed and huffed against the hay cushioned ground. Ezra, with hackles and tail fluffed with adrenaline, charmed Cresum into her stall and didn't bother to take her equipment down. Slipping through the box gate, he took all that was in his hands and put it to the corner and didn't waste a second longer to find the indigo mare's head in his hands. Willowy hands softly caressed her features as she snorted and whinnied, doing what he could to make her more comfortable.

Arrow hadn't wasted any time in following in Ezra's footsteps, but he was far behind him despite being there in spirit. Additional blankets were in his hands and a leather with a snack in it had been packed for the occasion, pressed carefully between his teeth as he ran through the hill homes and headed off after his Master for this momentous moment in their lives. It was time! Fantasy was due!

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