Like a Coating of Dust

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POSTED: Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:09 am

Folded arms rested against the deep chested sight hound mutt. A slender hand rested on his muzzle, index finger tapping on the black of his lip as his marbled gaze swept over the structural graveyard that was the Hotel. A deep breath moved through him. Waters poisoned with cadavers. The Courtiers falling ill. The Hotel crumbling. Alien scents on the borders, and now, within the pack boundaries near the fallen structure.

Narrow muzzle shook. Was it a coarse of bad luck that followed him? He couldn't be sure, not without good reason, but the past had laid silently for a long while. Suddenly, his settled home didn't seem so settled any longer.

With the water that Yvonne had helped him gather running low, he took it upon himself to ensure that the horses would at least have something. Yet, the Hotel's rubbled lot watched him ominously as he turned away from it. A telling sign? A warning? The dry leather of his nose wrinkled as he pressed the thought from his mind. He'd get the horses water, and his home water, and ensure there was some in the stores as well, before he'd think of anything else. If anything, he might catch a hint of those stranger scents to gain more insight on the situation. A night of thought might be enough to either rest his mind or run his nerve ragged. It was the last thing he needed while recovering. It was the last thing they all needed.

His heading was from the Hotel to the outskirts where the clean water there flowed, but he didn't seem to be paying attention to much. His pace was weary, his eyes dull and his head still pounding, but he wouldn't rest until he'd done his part.

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