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POSTED: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:26 pm

With Ulrich under him, he traveled away from the Fort, in search of one of their newest members, and oldest, members. It had been a bit of a shock to see Tristan back. Of course he had happily accepted the male without question, he had been the son of his mentor and held the blood of two infamous Cavaliers. Of course, his mother was infamous for possibly murdering a Sapient but that hadn’t shocked Luca in his youth. Lola had been beautiful, wild, and fierce, and as a young man she was the type of woman he had dreamt of spending time with. Naturally that wasn’t the sort of thing he planned on sharing with Tristan.

He had given the slightly younger male a bit of time to adjust back into the pack, but Luca worried about the state he had returned in. His eye had been covered and his muzzle scarred, his demeanor was not the outgoing joker he recalled from years past. It worried the Lune that Tristan might not settle into the role of Cavalier as he once had. He had a heaviness to him, when Luca had welcomed him into the pack, that had Luca questioning if Tristan would need more support than the average joiner.

Traveling through the woods he searched for the hut that Lola had once taken up residence in, after confirming that the returning Cavalier was indeed living there. It was a bit strange, normally it was protocol that joiners took up housing the Courthouse, but given Tristan’s family he didn’t plan on pushing it. It took some time but eventually he found it, or he thought he did. Sniffing the air he confirmed that the Second Cadet was indeed inside. Dismounting and tying his horse to a tree he approached the hut and rasped on the door.

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POSTED: Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:51 pm

The sun hadn't even grazed Tristan's fur today. Nestled in the hut that his mother had once considered her place to hide away and work, the man followed her example and spent his day crafting. Unlike the other craftsman of Casa, the good ones who would make food, armour and wood, Tristan made dark creations. Poisons, like his mother did, and by all accounts the bane of Tristan's existence. Poison had caused him inconceivable pain, it would make sense for the Callow to want nothing to do with the deadly concoctions. But the way Tristan saw it was by having control of the fatal liquids, he run less risk of getting on their bad side.

Besides, not all of his work was bad. Whilst Tristan tended to the small plants whose leaves or flowers held a deadly power, he also made sure to keep a supply of cures in his hut. Most were just sections of leaf that the Callow had taken from the Fort's garden, all stashed away to dry. Some were ready to use, the kind to induce vomiting, a mixture Tristan knew well having been saved by such a serum once before.

The work kept him busy, and it kept Tristan from leaving the hut. An unhealthy excuse to stay away from others, but there were some days the man couldn't stand company. It wasn't anyone else's fault, but sometimes the man's condition left him feeling too stressed to seek friendship or presence. A mixture boiled under the fireplace, smoking the hut with thick smells of plant and sap. Tristan took a deep breath of the stench, thinking of memories of his mother working here and when he'd invited himself in to join and help her. A knock at the door made the memories evaporate, and Tristan tense from head to toe. He calmed himself down before moving to the door, holding one arm close to his back to prepare a knife just in case, and opened it.

"Oh, Luca." Tristan said out loud, surprised to see the Lune standing at his door. "I hope you're not lost. Because you are the leader of this pack you know." He joked, letting out his worry with his comical words, just as smoke left the interior of the hut as the open door offered it freedom.

"Can I help you?"
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