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For Darkness

POSTED: Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:43 pm

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The Wolfe-Denahlii camp was as crowded as ever, and as much as Nayavota loved her family, she needed a break. With Honrin’s help, and Tochina’s hindrance, she dragged one of their archery targets to a nearby clearing. Nestled halfway between their camp and the Hushhowl den, it was the perfect spot for some peace and quiet. Even Tochina wasn’t bothering her; with nothing interesting going on, he waddled off to eat bugs along the treeline.

Nayavota pulled her bow from her back, the apple wood smooth under her fingers. She lined herself up with the target, feet shoulder-width apart, and took a deep breath. Back straight, shoulders relaxed, head turned toward the target. Another deep breath. Naya pulled a white-ringed arrow from her quiver, nocked it, and grasped the bowstring. She was ready.

Drawing the bow string back in one, fluid motion, Nayavota aimed at the target. Deep breath, don’t overthink it, stay relaxed. She released the arrow, chest expanding slightly as her fingers brushed against her face. It hit the wood with a loud thwack and lodged itself just off-center of the bullseye. Naya pulled another arrow from her quiver. Draw, aim, release.

The pale Cadet shot four more arrows in quick, but measured succession. The first two were too low, the third was too high, and the fourth—bullseye! It landed smack dab in the center of the target, surrounded by a cluster of near-misses. Nayavota grinned and limped up to the target, walking stick forgotten in her excitement. She was getting better! Better at shooting, better at walking, better at fighting—every day she practiced, she got better.

Nayavota pulled the arrows from the wood and examined them carefully, searching for any signs of damage. A few arrowheads were looking a bit worse for wear, but it wasn’t worth worrying about just yet. No broken fletchings, no damaged nocks, no cracked shafts… They weren’t good as new, but they’d survive a few more shots. Naya smiled at her luck, slid the arrows back into her quiver, and returned to her stance. Time for round two.

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